​While conserving water when we live in a rainy climate might seem strange at first, it is still important that we do. This video explains why.




Don’t Waste A DropDon’t Waste A Drop219034493

Ready to learn a little more about Metro Vancouver’s water system? Watch how water travels from the watersheds to your tap, and everything in between.




Overview of the Water System RSAOverview of the Water System RSA219036963

Wonder where your drinking water comes from? Three reservoirs provide a pure, fresh and natural source of water.  




Seymour ReservoirSeymour Reservoir241919819
Coquitlam ReservoirCoquitlam Reservoir241097007
Capilano ReservoirCapilano Reservoir241792232


Now that you know why it’s important to conserve drinking water, and all the steps involved in its treatment and distribution, use these quick tips to save water in and around your home.




Sweep your Patio - We Love WaterSweep your Patio - We Love Water219033575
Use a Rain Barrel - We Love WaterUse a Rain Barrel - We Love Water219421601
Short Showers - We Love WaterShort Showers - We Love Water219192720
Let your lawn go brown - We Love WaterLet your lawn go brown - We Love Water219185624
Let your car get dusty - We Love WaterLet your car get dusty - We Love Water219185613
Run Full Loads of Laundry - We Love Water TipsRun Full Loads of Laundry - We Love Water Tips219192739
Spring-loaded Nozzle - We Love WaterSpring-loaded Nozzle - We Love Water219421539