Overview of Projects

Metro Vancouver is building the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant, a new treatment facility that will provide tertiary treatment to better protect the environment. 

The program includes:

  • The North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Project
    See below for project updates

  • The pump station and sewer pipes to serve the new plant (the Conveyance Project)
    Learn more about the Conveyance Project
  • Decommissioning the existing Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant
    This work will begin in the mid-2020s. When complete, the land will be returned to Squamish Nation.

About the Treatment Plant

The North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant is a new tertiary treatment facility being built to replace the existing primary level Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant on the North Shore. Tertiary treatment exceeds federal regulatory requirements for treatment technology and will ensure the treated wastewater released into the marine environment is much cleaner.

The new treatment plant is being built to serve 250,000 residents in the Districts of West and North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, and the Squamish and Tsleil‑Waututh Nations and will:

  • Improve the quality of the treated wastewater released into the Burrard Inlet
  • Feature a modern, enclosed design and robust odour control system to prevent odour from reaching neighbouring residents and businesses
  • Recover heat for use by the Lonsdale Energy Corporation as an alternative energy source
  • Be constructed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold and ENVISION Gold certification standards
  • Include a public plaza, education and community meeting spaces

  Location: West 1st Street, between Pemberton Avenue and Philip Avenue, District of North Vancouver

Current Activity on the Treatment Plant Site

What to expect on and around the site over the coming month:

  • Crews pouring concrete and working on concrete forms and existing structures
  • Construction noise from power equipment such as jackhammers and saws
  • Crews conducting survey work and moving equipment and fencing
  • Maintenance work, as required, on West 1st Street, west of Pemberton Avenue
  • Some lane closures and parking impacts along West 1st Street (from Philip Avenue to Pemberton Avenue)
  • Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians may be detoured via signage and traffic control people

We anticipate that construction activity will increase towards the end of the summer season with some early works in select areas of the site.

Early works are defined packages of work that allow construction to progress while we continue the development of a new plan to complete the project, including a revised project budget and schedule. We anticipate that we will bring the updated budget and schedule to Metro Vancouver’s Board of Directors for consideration in late 2022. Construction activity will not increase to full-scale again until the completion plan has been reviewed and approved.

  • Project Documents

    Monthly Email Newsletters

    From April 2022 onwards, we will provide the community with updates about the project and site activities approximately once a month through an email newsletter. You can sign up to the mailing list by clicking the button under “Stay Connected”.

    Project Fact Sheets

    Media Releases


    • July 13, 2022
      North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Update in Liquid Waste Committee Manager’s Report
    • June 8, 2022
      North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Update in Liquid Waste Committee Manager’s Report
    • May 18, 2022
      North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Update in Liquid Waste Committee Manager’s Report
    • April 13, 2022
      Liquid Waste Committee: North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Update
    • March 9, 2022
      Liquid Waste Committee: Contract Amendment of RFP No. 14-205 - Design Build Consulting Services for the Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant to Design Consultant, Engineer of Record Service
    • February 23, 2022
      Liquid Waste Committee: Award of Contract Resulting from RFQ No. 21-457: North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant (NSWWTP) Project
  • Construction Impacts

    Construction impacts for the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant project may include:

    • Traffic pattern changes and possible temporary delays
    • Parking restrictions
    • Large vehicles and heavy equipment in the work area and on nearby roads
    • Construction noise and vibration
  • Work Hours

    Work will generally occur from Monday to Friday, between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, and on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

    There may be times when crews need to work extended hours in order to complete specific tasks and/or stay on schedule. All work will comply with District of North Vancouver bylaws or granted bylaw variances. Advance notification will be provided if extended working hours are scheduled.

  • Sustainability

    The new treatment plant will be constructed to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold and ENVISION Gold certification standards. The plant will harvest and reuse rainwater outside the plant and will conserve and reclaim water used within the plant.

    What is LEED? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the most popular green building certification programs used worldwide. LEED seeks to optimize the use of natural resources, promote regenerative and restorative strategies, maximize the positive and minimize the negative environmental and human health consequences of the construction industry, and provide high-quality indoor environments for building occupants.

    What is ENVISION? Envision® is a sustainability rating system and planning guide for introducing sustainability considerations into infrastructure projects. Envision assesses not only individual project performance, but how well projects contribute to the efficiency and long-term sustainability of the communities they serve.

    Both rating systems are complementary and provide a flexible framework to identify sustainable approaches throughout Project design, construction and plant operations.

  • Working with the Community

    Metro Vancouver is committed to minimizing impacts and working with the community to listen to concerns and interests and ensure they are considered as the project progresses. A community liaison is available to address issues, answer questions from the community, and provide project updates as they arise.

    We have worked closely with North Shore communities, special interest groups, local governments and First Nations since 2012 to learn about their values, interests and concerns. This engagement informed the design of the new wastewater treatment plant. You can find meeting summaries and past presentations here:

 Maps & Images

About the Conveyance Project

A pump station and new pipes are needed to move wastewater from West Vancouver to the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant, and to move the treated wastewater from the new plant to the existing outfall, located under the Lions Gate Bridge. Construction is expected to be completed in summer 2022.

Funding Partners

The Federal and Provincial governments are providing joint funding of up to $405 million toward the construction of the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant. For more information on federal infrastructure funding, visit: www.infrastructure.gc.ca.




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Community Liaisons are working with local residents and businesses to address any concerns throughout construction. See contact details below:

Treatment Plant Project

Phone: 604-639-9012


Conveyance Project

Phone: 778‑382‑9011


Metro Vancouver Information Centre

Phone: 604-432-6200

(Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm)

After-Hours Emergency Line: 604-451-6610