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  • Organics Disposal Ban

    Food will be separated from regular garbage. A third of the garbage in our landfills is organic material that could have been composted and used to enhance the environment. Metro Vancouver, along with your municipality, manages the region’s waste and will ban organic materials (including food) from waste facilities starting in 2015.




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2015 Committees Announced for Metro Vancouver Boards First Four-year Mandate Committees Announced for Metro Vancouver Boards First Four-year Mandate3842015 Committees Announced for Metro Vancouver Boards First Four-year MandateGP0|#8b686698-007d-454e-9ee6-18f1f673b7fd;L0|#08b686698-007d-454e-9ee6-18f1f673b7fd|Board & Information;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClassB043CEDAF14B41D38644CF742EACB5BD"><p>​As Metro Vancouver’s Board of Directors begins its first four-year mandate, Board Chair Greg Moore has restructured the Board committees to meet the needs and aspirations of our growing and increasingly diverse region.</p></div>2015-01-13T08:00:00Zstring;#2015
Civil Settlement Reached in Tree Cutting Incident Settlement Reached in Tree Cutting Incident376Civil Settlement Reached in Tree Cutting IncidentGP0|#30727b28-f59a-4309-906e-0883b72824c3;L0|#030727b28-f59a-4309-906e-0883b72824c3|Legal;GTSet|#64da97b8-3db1-484c-a198-6cf0e7460889<div class="ExternalClass322448D306E44501BE3ADED691017E97"><div>On November 19, 2013, the Greater Vancouver Regional District brought a lawsuit against three parties, including two property owners and a contractor, as a result of the cutting of trees in Capilano River Regional Park which took place in January of 2012.</div></div>2014-12-18T08:00:00Zstring;#2014

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tonnes of recyclable materials diverted from landfill


million people in the region and growing