Why does conserving water matter?

While conserving water when we live in a rainy climate might seem strange at first, it is still important that we do. With Metro Vancouver’s population growing by over 35,000 people every year, reducing water use means we can meet demand using our existing supply system for years to come. This delays the need to invest in expensive infrastructure and saves money in the long term.

It rains a lot in Metro Vancouver, but most precipitation falls from November through April. Our summers can be long and dry – and that’s when we use the most water. Most of this is for outdoor use, like lawn sprinkling and washing cars and patios. Making small adjustments to how we use water on our lawns and gardens and in our homes can make a big difference in lowering daily demand and ensuring that we have sufficient water through the drier months.

We must also prepare for changes to rainfall and snowpack in our natural environment. Climate change is impacting weather patterns across the globe, with more extreme incidents and stronger patterns of summer drought and winter storms (more rain over fewer days). Snow packs are melting faster and earlier in the spring and average summer temperatures are climbing. These changes in our natural environment affect how we manage our water resources and must be considered when planning for our future water supply.

Everyone can use a little less and care a little more. You can find many more reasons to conserve water on Metro Vancouver’s Water Conservation page.


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