Indoor Water Tips

The average home in BC has a handful of appliances that use water on a daily basis. By adopting a few simple changes with how you use your appliances can make a significant reduction in the amount of water you use, often without making any real compromise to your routine.





Use food colouring to <strong>test for a leaking</strong> toilet7 Toilet TestUse food colouring to <strong>test for a leaking</strong> toilet<div class="ExternalClassA741A0A12ACE4BD182A52FFB08D1AE78"><p>Use food colouring to<strong> test for a leaking toilet</strong>. Drop a teaspoon of food colouring into your toilet tank and if the colour appears in the bowl after 15 minutes, you've got a leak. Many leaks can be fixed by replacing the worn-out flapper valve.<strong></strong><br></p></div>,, /welovewater/water-saving-tips/indoor-tips/PublishingImages/ToiletLeakShare.jpg22.0000000000000
<strong>Shorten your shower</strong> by two minutes3 Shower<strong>Shorten your shower</strong> by two minutes<div class="ExternalClassA48DCB04CEBA4879BF61A13A5E046251"><p> <strong>​Reducing your shower</strong> by two minutes can save 460 litres of water in one month.<br></p></div>,, /welovewater/water-saving-tips/indoor-tips/PublishingImages/ShowerShare.jpg38.0000000000000
Turn off the tap when brushing26 off the tap when brushing<div class="ExternalClass0428199C09234B1A9024606616A49CDB"><p> <strong>Turn off the tap</strong> when brushing teeth. It can save close to 700 litres of drinking water a month.<br></p></div>, Turn Off Tap when Brushing, Turn off Tap when Brushing12.0000000000000
<strong>Turn off the tap</strong> when shaving17 Off Tap<strong>Turn off the tap</strong> when shaving<div class="ExternalClass590B29BA9DE0469ABE05022397E4CF68"><p>Turn off the tap when shaving.<strong> Fill the sink</strong> with a few inches of warm water<strong> to rinse your razo</strong>r - it works just as well as running the tap and uses less water.<br></p></div>, Shaving, Shaving13.0000000000000
Plug the tub, then turn on the water25 TubPlug the tub, then turn on the water<div class="ExternalClass8FBACA01944C4FCC80857E5C5A5B5C9E"><p>Plug the tub, then turn on the water when running a bath, and adjust the temperature as the tub fills.<br></p></div>, Plug Tub, Plug Tub Share4.00000000000000
Consider <strong>buying a dual-flush</strong> toilet16 FlushConsider <strong>buying a dual-flush</strong> toilet<div class="ExternalClass1283FB199EB844D3994EB2B43DAB85DA"><p>Consider <strong>buying a </strong> <strong>dual-flush toile</strong><strong>t</strong> which gives the option of a water-saving half flush.<br></p></div>, Dual Flush, Dual Flush10.0000000000000