Seymour River Canyon Trail Connections


On December 7, 2014, a significant rockslide occurred in the Seymour River Canyon approximately one kilometre north of Riverside Drive. This rockslide partially blocked the Seymour River and increased the water level upstream, flooding area trails and the Twin Bridge. For safety purposes, a number of trails were closed and the bridge was removed.

Public Consultation

Metro Vancouver held two public meetings in June 2015 to discuss options for building new trail connections, upgrading portions of the existing trail network, and establishing a long-range plan for a new pedestrian bridge across Seymour River in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR). Over the coming months, Metro Vancouver will be reviewing the feedback provided and determining next steps in the process.

 Trail Connections Meeting Summary - June 24 & 25
 Seymour Salmon Society


In fall 2016, Metro Vancouver will launch an annual consultation process that will:

  • update recreational users on work completed in the LSCR in the previous year
  • gather feedback on the short and long term plans for the LSCR
  • promote awareness around drinking water, water conservation and Metro Vancouver’s role in water supply

Further details on a meeting date and location will be shared in the New Year.

2015-2016 Trail Improvements

The Baden-Powell Trail will be undergoing upgrades beginning Fall 2015. The upgrades will include trail grading and replacement of stairs at Riverside Drive with a new staircase. Once complete, recreational users will have safer and more convenient access to the connecting network of trails.


  • New Bridge Replacement

    Metro Vancouver understands the recreational importance of the Twin Bridge and is committed to working with the community to find a viable option for its replacement.

    After the removal of the Twin Bridge, Metro Vancouver reviewed options to re-establish the east/west connection and to find a viable location for the bridge replacement. This process involved taking into consideration environmental, financial and technical constraints. After investigating possible crossing locations, Metro Vancouver staff have narrowed the focus to an area just south of the original Twin Bridge location.

    Next steps in the bridge replacement process will be shared in spring 2016.

    MAP - New Pedestrian Bridge Focus Zone

  • New Trail Connections and Upgrades

    In response to the rockslide, Metro Vancouver closed these impacted trails:

    • Section of Fisherman’s Trail
    • Bottle Top Trail

    To ensure that trail networks continue to be safe and accessible, new trail connections and upgrades being considered include:

    • A new trail to connect Powerline Trail and Twin Bridge Trail
    • A new section to replace the closed section of Fisherman’s Trail
    • Trail improvements for possible Bottle Top trail reopening

    MAP - Trail Closures and possible new connections

  • Trail Maintenance/Operations Access

    The Twin Bridge was a popular connection for trail users and was the only vehicular access for Metro Vancouver maintenance staff. With its removal, we are looking at options for a new access path/bridge to re-establish an east/west connection for maintenance vehicles and to ensure that crews are able to access existing infrastructure.​

  • Fish and Environment

    Metro Vancouver is working the District of North Vancouver, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Seymour Salmonid Society to ensure that any new improvements are implemented to the highest environmental standard. While the rockslide created potential barriers for migrating fish, Federal and Provincial fisheries biologists are actively working to determine if upstream passage is possible. Ongoing monitoring activities are in currently in place.

  • Stay Informed

    In spring 2016, Metro Vancouver will launch an annual consultation process to provide project updates and gather feedback on the short and long term plans for the LSCR. Information will be posted once it becomes available

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