Seymour River Canyon Trail Connections


Project Update – Bridge Construction

Metro Vancouver has completed extensive work to re-establish a bridge crossing and improve trail connections in the LSCR following a 2014 rockslide. The Seymour River Suspension Bridge, Canyon Creek Bridge at Riverside Drive, and the Baden Powell stairs are now open to the public, with minor landscaping and trail connections left to be done on this project.

In early 2018, Metro Vancouver issued a multi-bridge tender and awarded the contract for the pedestrian bridge across the Seymour River and the vehicular bridge for Metro Vancouver Operations at Riverside Drive. Metro Vancouver has been working collaboratively with the District of North Vancouver, consultants, and the community to complete this project.

On December 7, 2014, a significant rockslide occurred in the Seymour River Canyon approximately one kilometre north of Riverside Drive. This rockslide partially blocked the Seymour River and increased the water level upstream, flooding area trails and the Twin Bridge. For safety purposes, a number of trails were closed and the bridge was removed.

Rockslide 2014
Rockslide 2014
Flooding of Twin Bridge 2014
Flooding of Twin Bridge 2014
Present day Twin Bridge 2014
Present day Twin Bridge 2014


  • Public Open House

    Metro Vancouver held two public meetings in 2015 and 2016 to discuss options for building new trail connections, to collect input on the LSCR Trail Strategic Plan and LSCR programs, and to establish a long-range plan for a new pedestrian bridge across Seymour River in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR).

    In June 2017 Metro Vancouver held a public meeting to give the community an opportunity to learn more about the project, see artist’s renderings, learn about the constructions schedule, as well as share comments, and ask questions.

    2015 – Trail Connections Public Meeting Summary
    2016 – LSCR Annual Event 2016
    2018 – LSCR Annual Event 2018

  • New Pedestrian Bridge near the former Twin Bridges over the Seymour River

    Metro Vancouver recognizes the recreational importance of the former Twin Bridge to the community and to trail users across the region. We have constructed a new pedestrian bridge across the Seymour River to re-establish the east-west connection of Fisherman’s Trail. The new bridge is:

    • longer and higher than the former Twin Bridge
    • accessible to various motor-less traffic such as hikers, cyclists, and dog walkers
    • connected to existing trails in the LSCR

  • New Single-lane Vehicular Bridge for Operations Access at Riverside Drive

    To support ongoing trail maintenance in the LSCR, a new single-lane vehicular bridge has been constructed at the north end of Riverside Drive. This bridge is:

    • accessible to recreational trail users
    • gated and locked and only Metro Vancouver and Emergency Services will have vehicle access
    • provides safe access for Metro Vancouver operations to regional water infrastructure in the LSCR
  • Replacement of the staircase along Baden-Powell Trail and Trail Connection Improvements

    A new staircase near the north end of Riverside Drive has been constructed that is wider and non-slip, to provide trail users with safer and more convenient access to connecting trails in the LSCR.

    Metro Vancouver will also be upgrading existing trails and establishing new trail connections to the bridges. This will ensure that trail networks continue to be safe and accessible while addressing the interests and needs of the community.

  • Fish and Environment

    Metro Vancouver is working the District of North Vancouver, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Seymour Salmonid Society to ensure that any new improvements are implemented to the highest environmental standard.

    Seymour Salmon Society

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