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Sources & Supply
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Sources & supply 
Where our water comes from
Metro Vancouver’s water system is one of the largest in North America. Five hundred eighty-five square kms of mountainous land is closed to public access to protect the large supply lakes that collect water from snowmelt, creeks and streams that are the water source for our Lower Mainland municipalities. This water is delivered through thousands of kilometres of pipes and water mains.
Capilano Reservoir
North Vancouver’s Capilano Reservoir supplies 33 per cent of the region's drinking water and is contained by the Cleveland Dam (also operated by Metro Vancouver). Visitors can view the reservoir from Cleveland Dam at the north end of Capilano River Regional Park.

 Take a tour of the Capilano watershed

Seymour Reservoir
Located in the North Shore Mountains, the Seymour Watershed also supplies 33 per cent of the region's drinking water. In the event of an emergency, the Seymour Reservoir would be the Lower Mainland’s primary water source because of the protection provided by its high elevation.

 Take a tour of the Seymour Watershed

Coquitlam Reservoir
The Coquitlam Dam and reservoir supply the remaining 34 per cent of the region's drinking water. The dam is owned and operated by BC Hydro, which has an agreement with Metro Vancouver to provide water from the reservoir.


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