Testing & Reporting

How does Metro Vancouver ensure that the water we provide is safe and clean?

Multi-barrier approach

Metro Vancouver uses a multi-barrier approach to ensuring high quality water. This includes protected watersheds, water treatment, and maintenance of water quality in the system. A monitoring program is in place across the entire system to ensure the water is safe and clean from the treatment facilities through the distribution system to our customers, the municipalities.




Daily drinking water testing by Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver conducts daily tests on our drinking water—analyzing over 30,000 water samples each year. Results are public and found in the annual Water Quality Control Annual Report Volume 1, 2018 and Water Quality Control Annual Report Volume 2, 2018.

Volume 1 uses data summaries and graphics to highlight water quality issues, and Volume 2 provides chemical and physical monitoring results (actual data), including numerous water quality parameters with potential health effects.

Data Collection and Water Testing in the Watersheds

Metro Vancouver operates monitoring sites throughout the watersheds. These monitoring sites gather data on weather conditions, precipitation, river levels, reservoir storage, snowpack, and wildfire indicators. 

Additional Testing by your Municipality

Municipalities that purchase water wholesale from Metro Vancouver, and deliver it to residents and businesses, also test for water quality regularly. Check with your municipality if you want to see a water quality report.