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Sources & Supply
Quality & Treatment
Conservation & Reservoir Levels
Joint Water Use Plan for Seymour-Capilano Watersheds (JWUP)
Seymour River and Capilano River Updates
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Long-range Planning 

Metro Vancouver's Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) and member municipalities work as partners to supply clean, safe drinking water to two million people and associated businesses. Metro Vancouver is also responsible for developing long range plans for managing the region’s three drinking water sources - Coquitlam, Capilano and Seymour.  



 Drinking Water Management Plan

The Drinking Water Management Plan (DWMP) ensures that our region's water needs will be met affordably and sustainably. This will be done by using water more efficiently so that the water supply stretches out into the future even as the region's population continues to grow.

The investments in water treatment, supply and conservation programs included in this plan will increase the cost of drinking water but the benefits include consistently higher quality drinking water, improved supply reliability, and greater environmental protection.

The goals of the plan are:
1)  Provide Clean, Safe Drinking Water
2)  Ensure the Sustainable Use of Water Resources
3)  Ensure the Efficient Supply of Water


Current and historical reports related to the Drinking Water Management Plan

 Drinking Water Management Plan- 2014 Progress Report
 Drinking Water Management Plan- 2010 Progress Report
 DWMP Progress Report Consultation Summary, November 2010
 Drinking Water Management Plan 2005 with 2007 Amendment
 Watershed Management Plan 2005

 Joint Water Use Plan for the Seymour and Capilano Watersheds 2010

Metro is responsible for developing a Water Use Plan for the Seymour and Capilano Watersheds. This Water Use Plan is about how the reservoirs and dams are operated, how water is released from the reservoir and how it is allocated (as examples: drinking water, fisheries habitat, proposed power generation).