​Project Overview

To meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region, Metro Vancouver is constructing a new water main in Coquitlam. The project will be constructed in sections starting with the Robson to Guildford Section in 2022.

This section of the Coquitlam Water Main Project will extend along Pipeline Road just north of Robson Drive to just north of Guildford Way. Construction will begin near Guildford Way and work northwards towards Robson Drive.

When complete, this new water main will supply drinking water to growing communities for years to come.

  Location: Coquitlam

Map- Coquitlam Main Water Project - Guildford to Robson Section

  • Construction Activities

    The Robson to Guildford Section will be constructed in an open trench within an enclosed work site.

    Activities will include excavating a trench, installing a 3.2 metre diameter pipe, installing new underground valve chambers along the alignment and performing testing of the water main before site restoration. Metro Vancouver will then connect the newly constructed main to the existing drinking water system.

  • Keeping Traffic Moving

    Metro Vancouver recognizes that construction of the water main will impact traffic flow on roadways. In order to keep traffic moving safely and efficiently, Metro Vancouver will:

    • Work with traffic experts to plan detour routes for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists
    • Coordinate road, lane and driveway closures as needed
    • Employ traffic control personnel during working hours
    • Post construction signage where required
  • City of Coquitlam’s Pipeline Road Upgrade Project

    Metro Vancouver will complete water main construction in coordination with the City of Coquitlam’s Pipeline Road Upgrade Project. Once both projects are complete, the City of Coquitlam will lead restoration and tree replanting in Town Centre Park.




2020 – 2021True12020 – 2021<div class="ExternalClass18B282C9A392433D88E189D208441EF4">Detailed Design<br></div>
Fall 2022False2Fall 2022<div class="ExternalClass8C0BF95968FB4999B0E3C129878F4E7B">Site Preparation<br></div>
Fall 2022 – 2024False3Fall 2022 – 2024<div class="ExternalClassCBA55FE2AFB547CB86D6BE469898FD6A">Construction<br></div>


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