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To meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region, Metro Vancouver is constructing a new water main in the City of Coquitlam. This essential project will involve installing a new water main, building underground valve chambers, and connecting the new main to the existing drinking water system.

The new water main is approximately 12 kilometres long and 3.2 metres in diameter. It will be located between the north end of Pipeline Road, about one kilometre south of the Coquitlam watershed, and Mariner Way at Riverview Crescent.

To reduce disruptions, approximately two kilometres of the water main will be tunneled under the City of Coquitlam’s downtown core along Pipeline Road and Westwood Street, between Guildford Way and Dewdney Trunk Road. The remaining portions are expected to be constructed in an open trench within an enclosed work site.

The Coquitlam Water Main project is in detailed design stage and construction is expected to occur over seven years, from Fall 2022 to 2029. Construction will be divided in four sections, starting with the Robson to Guildford section, from Fall 2022 to 2024; followed by Pipeline Road North from 2024 to 2029; Cape Horn from 2024 to 2029; and City Centre Tunnel from 2025 to 2029.

Metro Vancouver will return to connect the newly constructed main to the existing drinking water system once all sections of the Coquitlam Water Main are constructed.

  Location: Coquitlam

  • Working with Communities to Minimize Construction Impacts

    Metro Vancouver is sensitive to the impacts construction will have on the local community and is taking steps to minimize them whenever possible. There will be a number of opportunities for public input throughout the project. Local residents and businesses will receive invitations to public meetings and ongoing communication through newsletters, web updates, email and on-site signage.




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