Overview of Projects

To continue delivering clean, safe drinking water to a growing region, Metro Vancouver is constructing a number of drinking water infrastructure projects in the City of Coquitlam over the next two decades. The projects are:

Seismic Upgrade of the Existing Coquitlam Lake Intake Project

The Coquitlam Intake Tower is a structure that draws water from Coquitlam Lake, in the Coquitlam Watershed. The tower is 27 metres tall and was constructed in 1913. Metro Vancouver will be upgrading the tower to ensure it can withstand an earthquake.

Cape Horn Pump Station Project

This project includes a new pump station in the Hickey Street Reservoir Park in Coquitlam. It is in the early planning stages.

Pipeline Road Repairs

This work will involve the repair and restoration of Pipeline Road about 0.5 kilometres south of the Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant. Construction is expected to begin early in 2021 and continue until summer 2021.

Project Completed

  Location: Coquitlam

Map of Projects

  • Working with Our Partners and Community

    Metro Vancouver will work closely with First Nations, local governments, businesses, community organizations and the public to ensure each project considers their values, interests, and priorities. As planning for each project continues, Metro Vancouver will reach out to residents, businesses, and community organizations to share information and seek input.

Construction Timeline



Early 2021 - Summer 2021False3Early 2021 - Summer 2021<div class="ExternalClassEC3F28AB85BA418392BBCFEA26185421"><p>Pipeline Road Repairs<br></p></div>
Early 2022 - 2029False2Early 2022 - 2029<div class="ExternalClassB1E00666062F459F810A69AB250B1179"><p>Coquitlam Water Main Project<br></p></div>
2024 - 2026False42024 - 2026<div class="ExternalClass9EC0EE02065F41159934FF8A0FB2013F"><p>Upgrade of Existing Coquitlam Lake Intake Project<br></p></div>
2025 -2028False52025 -2028<div class="ExternalClass5816CAA15AC94D2EB672E402DE5C184B"><p>Cape Horn Pump Station Project<br></p></div>
​Late 2020s - Late 2030sFalse1​Late 2020s - Late 2030s<div class="ExternalClass56EEC348DD904F5E8A79CC545A9B365F"><p>Coquitlam Lake Water Supply Project<br></p></div>


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