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Fleetwood ReservoirFleetwood Reservoir<div class="ExternalClassCFAC80F8D9404777B4018642FA2E6692"><p>Metro Vancouver is building a new reservoir at the Meagan Anne MacDougall Park, in the City of Surrey. This essential project will help increase the delivery of clean, safe drinking water to growing communities south of the Fraser River.</p><p>Construction of the Fleetwood Reservoir will occur from summer 2022 to late 2024. Towards the end of construction, Metro Vancouver will work with the City of Surrey to restore and enhance the park for the local community.</p><p>Once construction is complete, Metro Vancouver will connect the newly constructed reservoir with the Fleetwood Water Main and City of Surrey’s Fleetwood Pump Station.</p><p>The Reservoir project is associated with the Fleetwood Water Main, which started in summer 2021, and is expected to be completed in summer 2023.</p><p>Learn more about the Fleetwood Reservoir and Water Main in our <a href="/services/water/engagement/construction-projects/ConstructionProjectPublications/Fact-Sheet-Fleetwood-Reservoir-Project-August-2022.pdf" target="_blank">fact sheet</a>.</p></div>City of Surrey



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  • What Will Happen During Construction?

    Activities related to the construction of the Fleetwood Reservoir will include:

    • Site Preparation: To ensure the park is ready for construction, our contractor will finalize the installation of tree protection fences, install the noise barriers, and set up two areas to store construction trailers, equipment, and supplies. Temporary fencing and signage will also be installed around the site to keep crew members, pedestrians, and cyclists safe throughout construction.
    • Reservoir and Maintenance Access Building Construction: Once site preparation is complete, the contractor will excavate a nine-metre-deep and 50-metre-wide area in the project site to construct the underground concrete reservoir and maintenance access building, which will be located next to City of Surrey’s Pump Station.
    • Valve Chamber Construction: Crew members will also build an underground valve chamber, and an above ground emergency exit due to its large size. The valve chamber will be used to regulate water flow and isolate sections of the distribution system to conduct maintenance and repair work in the future. An additional emergency exit will be constructed due to the large size of the underground valve chamber.
    • Overflow Drain Installation: The contractor will excavate a 105-metre-long trench at the southern area of the park and install a 35" diameter overflow pipe – a critical piece of infrastructure that will control the water flow in an unlikely event of reservoir overfilling.
  • How Will This Project Impact Me?

    Metro Vancouver will actively work with the contractor to monitor and manage project related traffic throughout construction. To minimize traffic impacts, our contractor will:

    • Deliver construction material and equipment via Fleetwood Way. 154 Street will only be used for crew access and special deliveries
    • Maintain the temporary walking path on Fleetwood Way and 154 Street to allow pedestrians to safely cross the streets
    • Place traffic control personnel and signage on-site to ensure drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists can safely move around the construction area. Additional personnel will be in place during school start and end hours
    • Remove equipment and obstructions to maximize public access to roadways and sidewalks at the end of each work day

    How Will This Project Impact the Local Community?

    Metro Vancouver recognizes that construction activities will impact the Fleetwood community and park visitors. As part of our commitment to minimize project impacts wherever possible, we identified potential impacts early in the process and planned measures to prevent or reduce them during construction.

    Keep Park Partially Open

    For safety reasons, a large part of Meagan Anne MacDougall Park will be closed during construction, including the existing playground. The contractor will create a temporary walking path through the park to allow visitors to safely enjoy the areas that will remain open.

    Reduce Noise and Vibration

    Based on the feedback received during the 2019 open house, we will install sound barriers along the construction site:

    • 10" high, precast concrete noise barriers on the west and east sides
    • Modular fencing with sound blankets on the north and south sides

    The sound barriers will contain the noise within the site or force the sound to travel a longer distance before reaching residences located near the project area.

  • Hours of Work

    All work will comply with City of Surrey bylaws or granted bylaw variances. Typical work hours for this project will be:

    • Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
    • Sundays and holidays: No work planned

    There may be times when construction crews will need to work longer hours or on weekends to complete certain tasks. In these cases, Metro Vancouver will provide notification to the community ahead of time.

  • What is the Plan for Restoration?

    Metro Vancouver and the City of Surrey have been working closely to develop a comprehensive site replanting and landscape plan that is in line with sustainable practices to support park biodiversity and ecological health.

    We have also redesigned the overflow drain with input received from residents, which will minimize tree removal during construction.

    As part of Metro Vancouver’s commitment to enhance tree canopy in urban areas, we aim to replant double the amount of healthy trees we remove. In addition to that, we will replant over 2,000 shrubs, grasses and groundcover from over 20 varieties in the park. The new green area will provide year-round habitat for birds and butterflies, and visual interest to visitors.

    City of Surrey will also perform park improvements, which will include designing and installing a new playground.

  • Working with the Community

    Thank you to those who provided feedback during the planning phase of this project. Metro Vancouver is committed to continued collaboration with the City of Surrey and Fleetwood community to ensure concerns and interests are considered as the project progresses. A community liaison is available to answer questions and listen to concerns throughout the project.

    Local residents and businesses will receive ongoing updates through print notifications, email, web updates, and on-site signage. You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular updates via email by clicking here.

  • Engagement

    At Metro Vancouver we make decisions that impact the 2.7 million residents that live in our region. Metro Vancouver engages municipalities, businesses and the general public whenever we are working on a new program, policy, or project across our service areas. Learn more about our engagement principles.

    2019 Open House

    Metro Vancouver held an open house for the Fleetwood Reservoir and Water Main projects on September 28, 2019.

    What We Heard

    We received comments and requests from the local community on aspects that matter the most to them in this Project. Below is a high-level summary of what we heard:

    • Interest in noise, methodology and vibration related to construction activities
    • Questions about site access and safety, construction traffic, and maintenance of temporary park pathway
    • Requests for residents to continue to be informed about project activities, including timelines

    Where possible, we will incorporate your feedback into our project plans and we will report back on how we are using your input as the project progresses.

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Summer 2022 - Late 2024

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