Water Shortage Response Plan Review and Update

Conserving a valuable resource

Metro Vancouver is reviewing and updating the Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP) to clarify and potentially adjust plan objectives, the restrictions, and the rationale for moving from one stage to another.

The purpose of the region’s WSRP is to manage demand for drinking water during the summer months (low precipitation or snow melt), and if necessary during emergencies (earthquake or fire). The WSRP supports the Drinking Water Management Plan, which sets the direction and priority for drinking water initiatives in the region.

Updating the plan

The WSRP is reviewed periodically to reflect population growth, new technologies, and changes in infrastructure and the environment.

In addition to periodic reviews, experience with high water use during the summer of 2015, the lower-than-normal water supply, and the resulting activation of incremental stages of the WSRP, are driving a review process.

The review process is occurring in two stages. First, some immediate amendments were made for summer 2016. Second, a potentially broader restructuring of the WSRP is considered during 2016/2017. The two-phase review process accommodates timelines to amend and align related municipal bylaws.

The proposed changes to the WSRP are described in the November 2016 Committee Report.

Project timeline

If you have any comments or questions about the WSRP review and update process please email us:

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What was your experience with the water restrictions in the summer of 2015?

Given that the purpose of the Water Shortage Response Plan is to substanially reduce water consumption during periods of high water use or during water shortages, what suggestions do you have on how the Plan can be improved?