South Delta Water Main Replacement Project



South Delta Water Main No. 1 ReplacementSouth Delta Water Main No. 1 Replacement<div class="ExternalClass2BA54BFB7D3147C5BDA1B636E021F717"><p>To continue providing clean, safe drinking water and to meet increasing water demands in the region, Metro Vancouver is constructing the South Delta Water Main (SDWM) Replacement Project in the City of Delta and Tsawwassen First Nation. This essential project involves replacing an existing water main, installing new underground valve chambers and connecting the new main to the existing water distribution system.</p><p>Phase 1 is now complete. </p><p>Phase 2 is being done in two sections. The north section from 52 Street, north of Fisherman Way, to 28 Avenue is complete. The south section began in late April 2017.</p> </div>52 Street, from Highway 17 to 12 Avenue






<div class="ExternalClass939A035A4C134766A226E5953A0D43F8"><p>Activities associated will include:</p><ul><li>Pipe and equipment delivery </li><li>Excavating a trench </li><li>Installing the new water main</li><li>Installing an underground valve chamber</li><li>Cleaning, testing and connecting the new Metro Vancouver water main to the Delta distribution system</li><li>Backfilling and restoring the affected areas</li></ul></div><div class="ExternalClassCF340B85ED814B7DB91A502AFA41C572"><p> <strong>Keeping Traffic Moving Safely and Efficiently<br></strong>Metro Vancouver is committed to ensuring safety in and around the project area, and minimizing the traffic impacts. Design changes have been implemented to ensure access for emergency vehicles along 52 Street.<br> Traffic activity is being monitored in the project area throughout construction. </p><p> <strong>Springs Boulevard to Highway 17 <br><em>May - early July</em></strong><br> Construction activity on 52 Street, between Springs Boulevard and Highway 17, will wrap up in early July and the current detour through Imperial Village will end. Construction will then move south on 52 Street towards 12 Avenue.</p><p> <strong>Springs Boulevard to 12 Avenue<br><em>July 10 - September 2017</em><br></strong> In early July, construction activity will move south on 52 Street from Springs Boulevard toward 12 Avenue. All traffic will be single lane alternating throughout this section of work.</p><p> <strong>12 Avenue<br><em>mid September - October 2017</em></strong> <br> Construction activity at 52 Street and 12 Avenue is scheduled to start in mid September. We will provide you with more information on the traffic management plan prior to work commencing. </p><p> <strong>Final Activities<br><em>November 2017 - January 2018</em></strong> <br> Final activities on site will take place after the water main is installed, and are expected to be completed in January 2018. These activities include: </p><ul><li>Installing a valve chamber north of Imperial Gate</li><li>Cleaning, testing and connecting the new water main to the existing water distribution system</li><li>Restoring the area</li></ul><p>Residents can expect minimal traffic impacts during this work.</p></div><div class="ExternalClass5C77252FBE9C4256BF0E408039585EB6">Work will take place 7 am to 10 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 10 pm on Saturday. All work will comply with the municipal noise control bylaws or granted bylaw variances.</div><div class="ExternalClassD7C98E24B5BA4AC5BA1E135E1433198C"><p>Local businesses on Springs Boulevard will be open during construction. Please use detours and follow signage to access the businesses during this time.</p> </div>



March 2016 - January 2018



South Delta Water Main Replacement Factsheet – July 2017 Delta Water Main Replacement Factsheet – July 2017



<div class="ExternalClass9A0E2F8513994D18AF3055CEB6CA11D8"><p>​<strong>Mon. to Fri. (8 am - 4:30 pm)<br></strong>604-432-6200</p><p> <strong>After-Hours Emergencies: <br></strong>604-451-6610 </p><p> <strong>Email:</strong><br><a href=" Pump Station"> Information Centre</a></p></div>

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