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Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Annacis Water Supply Tunnel <div class="ExternalClass0AA0638D7B554C5CA652B9797922D2D6"><p> <strong>Project background </strong></p><p> To meet the growing demand for drinking water in the region, Metro Vancouver is planning to construct a major water infrastructure project, called the Annacis Water Supply Tunnel, deep under the Fraser River. Approximately four to five metres in diameter, the new tunnel will be built under the Fraser River between City of News Westminster and City of Surrey. This project will increase water supply capacity to the growing region </p><p><strong>Building the new Annacis Water Supply Tunnel </strong></p><p> This new water supply tunnel will be excavated using a tunnel-boring machine (TBM). The TBM will launch from the entry shaft on the Surrey side and progress north to the exit shaft on the New Westminster side. </p><p> As the TBM progresses, excavated material is placed in small carts and transported to the surface in Surrey where it is lifted out and hauled off site. At the same time, segments of the tunnel’s liner are installed and bolted together creating the tunnel’s structure (see illustration above). A welded steel water main will then be inserted inside the tunnel and shafts, and connected to the region’s water distribution system. </p><p> When complete, the new tunnel will meet current seismic standards, help ensure the continued, reliable delivery of clean, safe drinking water to the region, and increase the capacity of the existing system for the region’s growing population. </p></div>








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