Reservoir Levels Summer 2016

Metro Vancouver posts weekly reservoir storage levels from May to October, when rainfall is lower and the regional demand for water is higher. Note information below on planned maintenance starting August 2016.

Making small adjustments to how we use water on our lawns and gardens and in our homes can make a big difference in lowering daily demand and ensuring that we have sufficient water through the drier months. Visit for easy water-saving ideas.


Starting late August 2016, the Capilano Reservoir water level is being lowered as part of planned maintenance of the Cleveland Dam drum gate (equipment that controls the water levels in the reservoir). The lowered levels will show as a dip in the total storage chart posted to this page, and will be visible to those walking at the Cleveland Dam. Once complete, the reservoir will refill to normal seasonal levels with fall rains. Metro Vancouver is committed to continually improving and maintaining the regional water infrastructure.