Water Metering in Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver meters all water delivered to local governments and bills each local government for the amount of water consumed. Local governments are responsible for decision making on water metering of residences and businesses.

Generally, all industrial, commercial, and institutional water users are fully metered in Metro Vancouver. The approach to metering multi-family buildings and single-family homes varies across the region. Some local governments have implemented metering for all homes, while homes in other local governments are unmetered.

Metro Vancouver supports water metering as a best management practice and encourages local governments in the region to move towards universal metering.

This Best Practices Guide presents key considerations for local governments in Metro Vancouver interested in residential water metering. The decision to meter is ultimately determined by local governments and hence this guide has been developed by Metro Vancouver as a resource for local government staff to use to determine optimal water metering programs for single-family homes in their jurisdictions.

  Residential Water Metering in Metro Vancouver: Best Practices Guide for Local Governments




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