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​​This page is designed to provide information quickly for municipal staff and governments. Please visit our main water pages for general information about your drinking water.

Application for Connection to Water

The Application for Connection to Water is for local governments only.

 Application for Connection – Water

Print, fill it in and mail to:

Metro Vancouver
Water Services Department
Policy, Planning, and Analysis Division
Metrotower III, 4515 Central Boulevard,
Burnaby, BC V5H 0C6

If you have submitted an Application for a Connection to Water, and wish to follow up, please contact us at 604-432-6200.

Releasing Chlorinated Water into the Natural Environment

This information is for businesses and municipalities that as a planned activity or in an emergency, need to release chlorinated potable water into the natural environment.

The level of chlorine contained in tap water is harmless to humans. However, chlorine can impair the ability of fish and other aquatic organisms to breathe, making it toxic even at extremely low levels.

To address this environmental risk, Metro Vancouver has developed guidelines for managing releases of chlorinated tap water for various types of activities. If you are municipal staff or a contractor working on a municipal project please contact Metro Vancouver at 604-432-6200.


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Water and Sewerage (emergency only)

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