Demolition Waste Generation Rates Calculator

All details and material estimates produced by this calculator are intended for informational purposes only. Additional information on specific municipalities’ bylaws, procedures and requirements is available through individual municipal websites.

Use this calculator to estimate:

  • The weight of each type of waste material generated at your residential demolition site.
  • The minimum amount of demolition waste (by weight) that must be recycled or reused to fulfill your municipality's recycling requirements.

House Floor Area:

Enter a number, then select the unit in sqft or sqm.

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Required recycling rate:

Select a preset value (if it exists). The minimum recycling rate depends on the requirements set by each municipality.

* Deconstruction requirement: Houses built before 1910 or listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register are required to salvage a minimum of 3,000 kg of wood.

Minimum Recycling Requirement of

Generation by Weight

Concrete / Asphalt