At some point you just don’t want to wear it anymore. It may not fit, it’s out of style, or maybe it has faded.

Here are some ideas to give your clothes a second chance.

Getting creative

Old unwanted clothes can be turned into something fun, unique and usable...

  • Try turning your old t-shirts into rags for household cleaning and washing your car.
  • Turn a shirt into a reusable shopping bag.
  • Turn a shirt or sweater into a scarf.
  • Turn a shirt or sweater into a laptop case.
  • Turn a big shirt into a strapless dress.
  • Make a funky hat out of a sweater.
  • Use old shirts to make hot and cold bags.
  • Turn an old t-shirt into a pillow case.
  • Turn an old pillow case into a baby sleeping bag.
  • Patch shirts, jeans, or flannel together and turn them into a unique quilt.
  • Make a purse out of old jeans and fabric.
  • Turn old jeans into a draft stopper for under your door.

Clothing Swaps

Clothing swaps are a growing trend and a wonderful way to ensure your unwanted clothing finds a home, while finding items that you love and can take home for free. Win-win.

There are clothing swaps taking place around Metro Vancouver throughout the year. Check out our community page to find free events taking place in your area.

It's simple:

  • Find an event near you.
  • Clean out your closet for items you want to swap (in good condition).
  • Bring them to the event, and swap them for clothes you like.
  • The leftovers usually go to charity, so you can go home with your new fabulous finds, and feel good knowing that nothing is ending up in the garbage.

Have a crafty and creative idea for repurposing old clothes? Or interested in setting up your own clothing swap event? Share your ideas or your events to our community page.

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