Recycling Signage and Resources

Seeing consistent signage whether at work, school, or a common recycling room, helps people quickly sort their recycling, reduces contamination and increases recycling rates.

You’re encouraged to use these materials to help with your own waste reduction initiatives. There is no copyright. Materials are free to download and use. The files are editable with Adobe Creative Suite or similar software. Questions? Contact


Multi-family and Commercial Recycling Resources

 Guide to estimate the recycling and garbage bins required in a multi-unit building- 2015

 Specifications for Recycling and Garbage Amenities in Multi-family and Commercial Developments – 2015 

 Recycling Room Signage

Print off ready-made signs to help get your recyclables and garbage in the right place. Includes signs for food scraps, mixed containers, glass, paper, etc. for use at home and at the office. Includes some signs in Punjabi and Chinese.

Download the signage working file (EPS).

 Icons and Colour Scheme

​Use these icons as they are, or create your own signs. Studies show that icons are quick and easy to recognize. They remain clear even with photocopying, faxing, washing and fading.

Download the icons working file EPS or PDF.

  • Recommended Colour Scheme

    Most businesses and cities are now using a similar colour scheme. Consider painting the walls behind the bins to help people sort efficiently and ensure the bins are put back in the same order after tipping. Re-purpose old bins using large coloured stickers.



Photographs are useful for clarifying what’s in your collection program and what’s not.
Find food container photographs produced by the Canadian Plastics Industry

 Stickers for Kitchens and Commercial Bins

Print as stickers, posters or handouts to show suitable materials for composting and garbage bins.