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Have Questions About Food Scraps Collection in Your Area?

For most single-family households, information on curbside collection schedules of food scraps, garbage and recycling is available on municipal websites.

Some municipalities offer collection schedule apps for smartphones to remind you of your next pick-up.

For multi-family homes, your food scraps may be collected by your municipality or by a private waste hauler. One way to tell is to look for logos or websites on the collection bins in your recycling room. Ask your property manager or contact your municipality for more information.

Find information about food scraps recycling in your municipality.


Where To Get a Kitchen Catcher

A kitchen catcher is a container with a lid that you use to collect food scraps in your kitchen. It can be carried to and from your larger green bin and easily cleaned. Many stores sell them, or residents can make their own (e.g. a lidded coffee tin, a large yogurt container, or a bowl with a plate on top). Use something you can line with newsprint and seal with a lid to manage odours.



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