​A dark, uninviting or unsafe recycling area can be a barrier to composting. Here are some tips to make it better.



  • Ask your property manager to install lights.
  • Suggest your property manager clean up the room to make the recycling bins more accessible.
  • Notify your property manager if the bins are consistently overflowing.
  • Ensure you are placing waste and recyclables in the correct bins.
  • Start a green team in your building to help educate other residents about proper waste disposal.


Property Managers

  • Install lights and keep the recycling area tidy.
  • Make sure your green bins are easily accessible for residents and the waste hauler.
  • Post signage so residents know what waste goes into what bins. (Contact Metro Vancouver's Info Centre to request signage.)
  • Ensure you have enough bins to meet your building's needs.
  • Evaluate if waste is being picked up frequently enough by your hauler, and add more pickups if needed.
  • If space is at a premium, try decreasing garbage bin sizes (increased recycling means less garbage), increasing collection frequency, or moving bins outside where feasible.
  • Set up a green team or recycling champions program to promote composting in your building.