​No green bin in your building?

If your building doesn't have a green bin program in place, here's what you can do:



  • Learn about the Organics Disposal Ban.
  • Ask your landlord or property manager to set up food scraps composting in your building.
  • Find out who collects your building's recycling (city or private hauler) and ask what food scraps collection they offer by contacting your municipality.

Property Managers


Develop a Food Scraps Collection Plan

A food scraps collection plan identifies:
  • Roles and responsibilities (Who will contact the hauler or city to find out hauling options? Who will make decisions about informing residents?)
  • Timing (When can your building realistically be ready to start a full program? Is it reasonable to start a few floors at a time to build participation?)
  • Communication strategy (Will residents be informed with elevator notices, door-to-door introductions, a lobby meeting? How much follow-up information will be provided after the program is initiated?)

For examples of a plan, visit Vancouver Trash Talk (a multi-family resource website).

Visit the Tools and Resources page for additional resources for setting up a green bin program.