Do you ever wonder if something should go in the green bin? Many types of food containers and packaging are made of more than one material, and these are the items that can be the most confusing to recycle. Find out what goes where below.

Find Out More

Some materials that might seem to belong in the green bin, like pizza boxes and egg cartons, are accepted as part of Recycle BC’s program. Use the Waste Wizard tool on their website to find out if you should recycle them with your containers or paper, or take them to a depot.

If you have questions about a specific item, you can also try contacting your municipality or waste hauler.

If you’re still unsure if something goes in the green bin, play it safe and put it in the garbage.


Why Keeping Contaminants Out of the Green Bin Matters

Recycling food scraps helps local businesses turn your food scraps into a valuable resource – compost! That is why it is so important to make sure we keep all plastics out (even those labelled “compostable” or “biodegradable” out of the green bin. And that we only put in paper and wood products that don’t have plastic or grease barriers (sometimes manufacturers coat paper products with the same polymers used for non-stick pans so the grease doesn’t go through the paper bag/box).

While recycling is good, reuse is better. Avoid the what-goes where confusion by opting for reusable items whenever possible.

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