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This year, create lasting Christmas memories, not garbage.  Give shared experiences and gifts that are made to last.

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Theatre Tickets4 ticketsTheatre Tickets<div class="ExternalClassC7AD55015AB94B868691124CEDEF2D0E">​Check out what's available in your area, from movies, orchestras, musical theatre, community theatre productions, etc. Plan to attend a few shows as a family throughout the year, or buy tickets for friends and offer to babysit the kids. Consider getting seasons tickets to share with other friends and family throughout the year. Check out <a href="">MAXguide </a>for arts and culture events in Metro Vancouver.</div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
A Day Off6 offA Day Off<div class="ExternalClass17B38E4776464298816FF6C342026D03"><p>​We all know that parents work very hard. Things tend to get especially crazy around the holidays too. Try giving a series of “days off” where the parent(s) don’t have to cook or do anything around the house. Create your own <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/coupons/Pages/default.aspx">custom coupon</a>.</p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Sports Tickets7 ticketsSports Tickets<div class="ExternalClass782F27577C1849748F54DBE27FDF7FC9"><p>​Because who doesn’t love hockey or baseball? Seasons tickets to a local minor league make a great family activity that lasts all season long.</p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Date Nights8 nightDate Nights<div class="ExternalClassB9ABFBBD6EB44FD8B22B11C041F4415A"><p>​Plan a few date nights for your significant other where you handle the arrangements, get a sitter and make the plans. Create your own <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/coupons/Pages/default.aspx">custom coupon</a>. </p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
A Treasure Hunt9 huntA Treasure Hunt<div class="ExternalClass9739A4AF700B4B9BA5359DF40B8203EF">​Make giving the gift itself a fun experience. Give your children a series of clues and let them go on an adventure to find it. Ever heard of geocaching? All you need is a GPS enabled device and you can do a treasure hunt with the family almost anywhere in the world. Google "geocaching" to find out more. </div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Family Tree37 treeFamily Tree<div class="ExternalClassF7F847E219C74D3D947897F008012797"><p>​Teach your children about their heritage and encourage them to pass it on to future generations. This is a gift that could truly last for generations to come.</p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Activity Book38 bookActivity Book<div class="ExternalClassC6153838B909432AA49382B807B95DFF"><p>​A great gift for a loved one that you would like to spend more time with. When you’re at a loss how to spend a Saturday evening, create memories and get them to pick a fun inclusive activity from the book.</p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Christmas Ornaments39 ornamentsChristmas Ornaments<div class="ExternalClass92D58AAB4E554AD389BD87BFDD76D392"><p>​Give them a hand-made keepsake to hang on the tree. These are fun, easy to make, and a great activity to get the whole family involved in. </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Bath Salts with Essential Oils40 saltsBath Salts with Essential Oils<div class="ExternalClassB048C8CC8F9B41C89AC9166E24D46ED5"><p>Salt baths are a great way to relax, reduce stress, and soothe both the mind and body. Do-it-yourself aromatherapy blends are easy and fun to put together. </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Create a Recipe Book41 bookCreate a Recipe Book<div class="ExternalClass18F73FA76E52406AA3460510BA5E3E57"><p>​Gather your favourite recipes for a friend or loved one. They might even invite you over for dinner. </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Build an Earthquake or Vehicle Emergency Kit42 kitBuild an Earthquake or Vehicle Emergency Kit<div class="ExternalClassFD4353BC0ECE4A4EBEC0C173CE9A8205"><p>​Having emergency supplies in your home or car is essential to keeping your family safe in times of emergency. Know someone who hasn’t crossed this off their to-do list yet?  Check out the <a href="">Government of Canada Emergency Kits</a> page for instructions on how to assemble a kit for the home or car. </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Homemade Jewelry43 jewelryHomemade Jewelry<div class="ExternalClass9A164B5E060A47A9ABB95B15FE7BF49F"><p>​Do you have an artistic flair? Homemade jewelry could be a big hit with many people on your list. Pick up some coloured beads and string and make a nice necklace or bracelet. You might even discover a hidden talent!  </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Symbolically Adopt a Species24 a speciesSymbolically Adopt a Species<div class="ExternalClass0E00B9EE364241658F6E9CE4B9E4FAEF">​Many wildlife conservation organizations have animal adoption programs, which typically include a mini version of the species of choice and educational materials. Symbolically adopt a species and teach your children about wildlife conservation. </div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Family Portrait25 PortraitFamily Portrait<div class="ExternalClassDF6AF1C9744C4C679F89ED05052F85D0"><p>​Preserve the memories with a nice shot of the family. These gifts can be passed down through the generations to become family heirlooms.</p></div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
DIY Kits26 kitsDIY Kits<div class="ExternalClass24D70AEFF019441ABA089640B6C138AF"><p>​Do you know a cheese fanatic or someone who puts hot sauce on everything? Fan the flames of their obsession with a do-it-yourself kit. There are great DIY options out there for adults and kids alike.</p></div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Hand Crafted Items27 itemsHand Crafted Items<div class="ExternalClass28E665AFAC1444ABA0C138E589C26CA4"><p>​These items are typically durable and have a unique quality to them that will no doubt be appreciated by the recipient. </p></div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Organize a Clothing Swap28 swapOrganize a Clothing Swap<div class="ExternalClassD9AAA6DDAD914E15BEF814E5A2734724"><p>​This could be the alternative to those $5 gift exchanges we all enjoy so much, and a fun activity to do with your friends or co-workers. Bring clothes you no longer wear and walk away with clothes that you will. Everybody wins! Who knows, maybe you will start a trend? </p></div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Pass on a Good Book29 bookPass on a Good Book<div class="ExternalClass92F18D45C7134377AB62EC64F00EA37B">​Read any good books lately? Re-gifting a book is a great way to share that experience with someone you care about, while ensuring the book itself is put to good use. </div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Take Up a Hobby Together3 up hobbyTake Up a Hobby Together<div class="ExternalClass31541CA8159642B582A80EF6DFC372BB"><div><p>​Try yoga, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or another fun activity. This is a great way to spend quality time with the person on your list while encouraging healthy physical activity. Create your own <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/coupons/Pages/default.aspx">custom coupon</a>.</p></div></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Heirlooms30<div class="ExternalClass1989130C94384A30BC39641FA843CD39"><p>​How do you know something will really last? When it already has. Pass on a family heirloom, or something you cherish from your childhood.</p></div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Antiques31<div class="ExternalClassF6DCA18A14E34E9988FF1490DF06507F"><p>​Go vintage and you can’t go wrong. Antique jewelry, furniture, dishware or linens are all excellent gift options. </p></div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Sports Equipment32 equipmentSports Equipment<div class="ExternalClass11602FDF12C34CD89D3406C68D292714"><p>​Got an athlete on your list? Sports equipment makes a first-rate second-hand gift! </p></div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
One-of-a-Kind Gifts33 of a kindOne-of-a-Kind Gifts<div class="ExternalClassB1A3BCEE3F3946A7A8866CFC2918850B"><p>​Keep an eye out for unique items that they couldn’t find anywhere else. A few ideas: autographed sports memorabilia, hand-crafted items and stylish retro fashion. These will surely prove to be lasting gifts. </p></div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Where do I start?34 to startWhere do I start?<div class="ExternalClassFE4A2BABA4174FB5A358812F7DBDF2BD"><p>​Write a list of people you would like to give a gift to, and jot down some ideas of things they might like. Now all you have to do is start looking. Flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, Facebook Buy and Sell pages and classifieds will provide an abundance of options. </p></div>,,|#198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62;L0|#0198208d0-6a81-4fab-a1e6-910b030e9b62|Second hand gifts;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Edible Gifts35 giftsEdible Gifts<div class="ExternalClass3A23E234E6AC4EA5A4B4D5FBBDC01DE9"><p>​These make an excellent zero waste option. Get the whole family into the kitchen to whip up something special for those on your gift list. Try baking cookies, making jam, pickled vegetables, granola or a holiday nut mix! Check out our <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/wrap-wise">Wrap Wise section</a> for some sustainable food wrapping tips. </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Create a Memory Book36 bookCreate a Memory Book<div class="ExternalClass39427111777B43FFAF729F84A29EDAC7"><p>​Preserve memories with a homemade memory book for your loved one(s). Fill it with pictures and captions of your most memorable experiences. Take it up a notch by adding keepsakes from places you have visited together. </p></div>,,|#6e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6;L0|#06e445ce9-f2e7-4225-b55e-fbd7b66540d6|Make your own;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Sponsor a Family1 a familySponsor a Family<div class="ExternalClass0BE8C55AF9D54AA1896D5AF50E4CE214"><p>​Looking to give back this holiday season? Help bring memories and joy to a family in need. Many charitable organizations can assist with coordinating your sponsorship.</p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Take Them Grocery Shopping10 shoppingTake Them Grocery Shopping<div class="ExternalClass3402366A74FC4247BC7211CCAED10122">​Have a hungry student on your list? This might just be the best gift ever. Check out <a href="">Love Food Hate Waste</a> for recipes and tips to reduce food waste.</div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Plan a Trip11 tripPlan a Trip<div class="ExternalClass3284F6EAA8574C73931D7C0AFE80647F"><p>​What better way to create memories than to organize a trip for your family or friends? Vacation home rentals are becoming increasingly popular, and you can find great deals both locally and abroad. Camping is another good low-cost option - just don’t forget the bug spray! </p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Offer Your Time12 your timeOffer Your Time<div class="ExternalClass9F054CD88CF8480CAC0343909EF5DAD6"><p>​The gift of your time is unbeatable. Offer to help with a task: paint a deck, fix a step, or mow a lawn. Create your own <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/coupons/Pages/default.aspx">custom coupon</a>. </p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Host A Movie Night13 nightHost A Movie Night<div class="ExternalClass484E93A2C10A463CA7CC3AAE3B21FBA0"><p>​Let them pick the movie, and offer to host and provide snacks. Check out <a href="">Love Food Hate Waste</a> for tips on what to do with your leftovers. </p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Dinner Out14 outDinner Out<div class="ExternalClass068EA14BE3A44F3A8E24396819C521F0"><p>​A gift for busy parents? Dinner out is priceless. Many restaurants offer gift certificates or they’ll let you prepay for the meal. Even better, offer up some babysitting too.</p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Camping Gear15 gearCamping Gear<div class="ExternalClass4F92D0AD1C704FD2975D380F8284D398"><p>​Tents, camping chairs and eco-friendly equipment, such as hand-powered LED flashlights and solar-powered lanterns, make excellent gifts for the outdoor aficionado on your list. Start planning annual camping trips with family and friends to create lasting memories for years to come.</p></div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Wool Always Be Friends16 giftsWool Always Be Friends<div class="ExternalClass58DA9D6C9FDF4D63A64182162AF2FF5E">​Natural products such as wool garments make wonderful lasting gifts. Wool is a biodegradable, renewable and natural fibre that is warm, tough and lasts a long time. </div>,, Wool giftsGP0|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Cast-iron Cookware17 cookwareCast-iron Cookware<div class="ExternalClassA22360D9E7344391A59CFFF422269852">​Know a culinary enthusiast? Every home chef needs a good cast-iron pan. Cast-iron cookware is versatile, guaranteed to last for many years, and highly recyclable. Check out <a href="">Love Food Hate Waste</a> for recipes and tips to reduce food waste. </div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Let the Games Begin18 gamesLet the Games Begin<div class="ExternalClassCDB16F9D760D4A4AB95F7372FC59AB4C"><p>​Got a favourite board game? Dust it off and pass it on. Talk about a lasting gift.</p></div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Eco-friendly Gardening19 Gardening<div class="ExternalClass8B3A96C075D3474893787CE5439A9AD3"><p>​For the budding gardener, organic potting soil, bamboo stakes, and recycled plastic gardening pots are great additions to any green thumb’s arsenal. Check out our <a href="">Grow Green Guide</a> to learn how to grow a sustainable outdoor space, and <a href="/welovewater/Pages/default.aspx">We Love Water</a> for water-saving tips. </p></div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Build a Skill2 a skillBuild a Skill<div class="ExternalClassF4FF04608A7644C1B0D15372887FFC67"><div>Music, art or dance lessons make terrific gifts that can create memories for years to come. Check out local community centres to see what classes or lessons they offer. </div></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Chef's Knives20 knivesChef's Knives<div class="ExternalClassBF97A5DA3B51498E89335F5E80BD3256"> Know someone who recently moved into a new home? A good chef's knife or set of knives are essential tools for any kitchen, and can last a long time.<br> <br>Many people around the world believe that a gifted knife will "cut the friendship" between the giver and the recipient, unless one tradition is followed. The giver should offer the knife with a coin attached, which the receiver promptly gives back as payment for the knife, thereby preserving the friendship. <br> <br>Check out our video on the <a href="">3 Knives Every Kitchen Should Have</a>. </div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Travel Stuff21 stuffTravel Stuff<div class="ExternalClass0931CB787DA5497FA942E6A1B97735B2"><p>​Got a traveller on your list? A good quality backpack or reusable water bottle could make a great gift. </p></div>,, Travel StuffGP0|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
A Shave That Lasts22 razorA Shave That Lasts<div class="ExternalClass6ACE2F6FD17543668334B38655D6CC0A">​Reduce waste by giving a good quality safety razor. They will never have to purchase another pack of disposable razors again. </div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Green Gifts23 giftsGreen Gifts<div class="ExternalClassEF200AE356F9491092DF152D27C9ED1B">​Purchasing eco-friendly products is a great way to reduce waste this holiday season! Look for products made from scratch or from recycled materials. Check out <a href="">Metro Vancouver Recycles</a> to find out what to do with older used materials. </div>,,|#fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe;L0|#0fabcf70c-dcee-48bb-8567-8136d2cab5fe|Gifts that last;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Ask Your Loved Ones to Help44 Your Loved Ones to HelpAsk Your Loved Ones to Help<div class="ExternalClassD0D995D2D7CE4D1181A6CEA86522A20A">Send an email ahead of time to let your loved ones know you’re happy with what you have, you don’t need anything else, and you would rather the grandparents take the money they’d spend on toys and come visit you so you can spend time together. To many, time is more valuable than anything.</div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Monthly Surprise Family Activity45 Surprise Family ActivityMonthly Surprise Family Activity<div class="ExternalClass3C3F2D987A444091B43B634F78C5C49E">Give the kids a subscription to a monthly surprise family activity. Each month, do something fun that you’ve never done before. It’s the Christmas present that keeps on giving.</div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089
Take Advantage of Our Local Environment5 environmentTake Advantage of Our Local Environment<div class="ExternalClass29D0133F9B1842F3BF2330FA4A89EAA3"><p>​Ski, snowboard, ice skate, hike, kayak, paddleboard, play golf, sail, or mountain bike. The possibilities are endless. Create your own <a href="/services/solid-waste/projects-initiatives/create-memories/coupons/Pages/default.aspx">custom coupon</a>.</p></div>,,|#28775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e;L0|#028775d06-ebb2-48e3-9447-ab1cd3cffa8e|Experiences;GTSet|#a9923e58-f557-4ae8-9322-43b8e31fd089