Customer Survey for Coquitlam Transfer Station
Metro Vancouver and the City of Vancouver run a network of facilities across the region that offer waste disposal and recycling services.
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1. Is the material you're bringing from:

2. Which municipality is your material from?

3. How often do you come to this transfer station?

4. Are you here to drop off garbage, recycling or green waste?

5. What is the main reason for your visit today?

6. Do you see value in having a separate free recycling drop off right next-door to the transfer station, as opposed to having to drop off your recyclables somewhere else?

7. Do the fees for coming here seem fair and reasonable?

8. Do you think the transfer station wait times are typically reasonable?

9. Are you satisfied with the signage at this transfer station?

10. Are there items that you'd like to drop off that aren't accepted here?

If you answered "Yes", which items would you like to drop off?

11. What do you like or not like about this transfer station?