Webinar Confirmation

Thank you for registering!

Add this webinar to your Outlook calendar (computer desktop only): http://www.metrovancouver.org/Includes/sw-webinar-calendar.ics  

Please note that there are 2 steps to log in to this webinar:

  1. Connect via phone to hear the webinar presentation and ask questions verbally during the designated question and answer period:
    604-899-2339 Or 1-877-385-4099
    Enter the following access code when prompted: 6821773 #
  2. Connect on your computer to view the presentation slides and submit questions via a text box: http://meet66017093.adobeconnect.com/tfb/
    • You will be taken to the "Proposed 2017 Tipping Fee Bylaw Changes Webinar" page hosted by the Adobe Connect system
    • Select "Enter as a Guest" and then type in your name as it will be displayed to the rest of the audience and presenter(s)
    • Click on "Enter Room" and the session will begin.

You can run this Adobe Connect test sometime before the webinar to ensure there are no issues with the platform on your computer. The test is located at: https://admin.acrobat.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm

This test will run through 4 checks. It is not necessary to pass the 4th test - there is no need to install the "Adobe Connect Add-In".

If you have any technical questions about the test and/or logging in, please email: chris.chong@metrovancouver.org