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Recycling and and Waste Centres Construction Update – Winter 2020Recycling and and Waste Centres Construction Update – Winter 2020470329055

Metro Vancouver and the City of Surrey are developing a recycling and waste centre at 6711 – 154 Street in Surrey to increase the convenience of recycling and waste management for residents, reduce traffic and help to reduce illegal dumping.



Metro Vancouver purchased the 4.3 acre (1.7 Hectare) site from the City of Surrey in 2018, following a rezoning and development permit application process.

What is the Central Surrey Recycling and Waste Centre?

The new facility is expected to open in 2022 and will be open 7 days a week, 363 days a year. By providing a convenient drop-off location for residents and businesses to drop off recyclables and garbage, we can:

  • Increase recycling and reduce waste
  • Reduce illegal dumping on city streets and in public and private places
  • Reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing travel distances

The facility will accept material beyond what is accepted in Surrey's curbside collection program. Materials delivered will not be odorous, and will include items such as residential and small business clean-up and renovation materials,  recyclables, yard trimmings, lumber, bulky furniture, picture frames, mirrors, plastic wrapping and packaging.

Materials accepted would include:

  • Recyclable paper, metal, plastic and glass
  • Electronics
  • Gypsum
  • Paint and similar products
  • Bulky items such as mattresses, furniture, appliances and large electronic items
  • Yard trimmings, clean wood, and small quantities of food waste
  • Reusable materials such as clothing and books
  • Small quantities of garbage

Fitting into the Community

The location and modern enclosed building will ensure the facility fits into the neighbourhood. The site is surrounded by other industrial properties, with the nearest residents more than 200m away. Vehicles would access the site from 66A Ave and 152nd Street, and would contribute a very small portion to the current traffic at that intersection. The facility will not be used by large waste hauling trucks collecting commercial or residential curbside waste. Metro Vancouver operates two similar facilities in Langley and Maple Ridge without noise, traffic or odour issues.


  • Enclosed building for garbage
  • Garbage removed daily
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Minimal food waste received at the facility


  • Enclosed building
  • Landscaped berm buffering the site


  • Lots of on-site space so traffic will not back up onto public roads
  • Contributes a very small portion to the current traffic where vehicles access the site, at 66A Avenue and 152nd Street

Construction Activities

  • Site preparation including clearing, and erosion and sediment control measures
  • Underground utility installation and facility construction
  • Paving, landscaping, and site furnishings (e.g., lighting, fencing, signs, safety barriers)
  • Adjacent sidewalk construction and boulevard landscaping

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Public Engagement and Consultation

Metro Vancouver is committed to engaging neighbouring businesses and residents to ensure the facility fits in with the community, and to maximize benefits for customers.

Previous Meetings

On June 19, 2018, Metro Vancouver hosted a public information meeting for interested parties to learn more about the project, facility design and construction timeline. Feedback from the public information meeting was summarized and provided to the City of Surrey as part of the rezoning and development permit application process.

 View Presentation Slides from the June 19, 2018 public information meeting.

 View Display Boards from the June 19, 2018 public information meeting.

 View the Feedback Summary from the June 19, 2018 public information meeting.

Please contact us for more information or to share your comments with the project team.