Composting in the Garden

Compost is a mixture of various decaying organic substances like food waste, dead leaves and manure that is used for fertilizing soil.

You can compost in your back yard or balcony using the food waste from your kitchen.

Backyard composting allows you to also use dead leaves and yard debris to help the food waste decay.

A worm bin composter fits on apartment or office balconies and can also be used in gardens, sheds, garages or basements. Your municipality or the regional Compost Hotline can provide information.

Increasingly, municipalities are offering curb-side pick-up of food waste. Check with your municipality for collection details. You can continue to compost to make food for your plants and gardens, and use your food waste bin for items like meat, fish and dairy products.

Composting Questions?

  • City Farmer’s Regional Compost Hotline


Composting Quick Tips

Backyard Composting

  • Contact your municipality to purchase a compost bin.
  • Alternate food waste with layers of brown leaves that keep the compost dry and enhance decaying.
  • Collect bins of leaves in the fall. Do not add fish, meat or oil to a backyard composter.

Worm Composting

  • Contact your municipality or the regional Compost Hotline (604-736-2250) to find a worm composter and how-to workshop information.
  • Once your worm bin is established, adding materials and bedding become routine and everyone in the home can participate.
  • Red wrigglers – worms used in composting – work hard and fast, creating compost in three to six months.