Textiles Recycling and Potential Disposal Ban

Metro Vancouver is considering a disposal ban on clothing, which makes up about 2.3% of garbage in the region. While, there is a strong reuse market in the region, through second-hand clothing sales and clothing donations to charitable organizations, improvement opportunities exist. Work is underway on strategies to increase textiles recycling and re-use.

What is a disposal ban?

Banning recyclable materials from disposal is one of Metro Vancouver’s regulatory tools to encourage recycling. There’s a financial deterrent for not recycling as surcharges can be applied if banned materials are found in the garbage at regional disposal facilities.

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Public Engagement and Consultation

Metro Vancouver is engaging with stakeholders who make, use, sell, and re-use textiles to better understand the existing system and explore the viability of a disposal ban. As part of the consultation program, Metro Vancouver will also collect feedback from interested parties through a workshop and online feedback.

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