Contingency Disposal

Garbage in Metro Vancouver is collected through a network of local transfer stations and sent for disposal at the Vancouver Landfill in Delta and the Waste-to-Energy Facility in Burnaby. Metro Vancouver requires additional disposal capacity to manage any waste that cannot be accepted at one of these disposal facilities. Three-year Standing Offer Agreements are proposed for 1) the pick-up of garbage at Metro Vancouver transfer stations; and 2) the receipt of garbage at remote disposal facilities.

In advance of Standing Offer Agreements being in place, Metro Vancouver will work with its transfer station contractor and waste disposal companies to provide contingency disposal services.

More details are available in this report.

Public Engagement and Consultation

Metro Vancouver is currently consulting on its contingency disposal plans.
Please share your feedback or questions on the project by email or mail by May 31, 2017 to:

Attn: Contingency Disposal  
       Metro Vancouver
       4730 Kingsway
       Burnaby BC
       V5H 0C6

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In 2016, Metro Vancouver issued a Request for Proposals and a Request for Information. These processes considered different models for contingency disposal without restrictions on the final disposal location.

Consultation input will be considered as part of the recommendations for award of Standing Offer Agreements.