Clean Wood Recycling and Disposal Ban

New! Clean Wood Disposal Ban

Metro Vancouver and member municipalities introduced the new Clean Wood Disposal Ban in 2015. Like other bans, it is applied at Metro Vancouver and City of Vancouver transfer stations and disposal facilities (Regional Facilities).

Start date and phasing in

On January 1, 2015, Metro Vancouver launched a six-month education program on the new Clean Wood Disposal Ban at all Regional Facilities. As of July 1, 2015, a 50% surcharge will be applied to all loads of garbage containing clean wood if the quantity of wood exceeds 10% of the garbage load.

What is Clean Wood?

Clean Wood is defined as solid wood, lumber, and pallets that are unpainted, unstained, untreated, and free of glue. The wood may be pierced with nails or other metal fasteners, such as screws and staples.

Why Recycle Clean Wood?

  1. There is a cost savings to you! The disposal fee for clean wood is less than the fee for garbage.
  2. Clean wood can be used for landscaping mulch, composting or alternative industrial fuel.
  3. You’ll help the region reach its recycling goal of 80% by 2020, by keeping the clean wood out of the landfill or waste-to-energy facility.

More Information

Call the Recycling Hotline at 604-RECYCLE (732-9253). Recycling Council of BC staff can answer your questions about the Clean Wood Disposal Ban and other recycling initiatives in Metro Vancouver. Or, find where to take your clean wood at

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