Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit

1. What city is your complex located in?


1. How many units are you in your complex?


2. How do your residents currently recycle?

We have big recycling bins that we share
Residents take their own bins out to the curb
We don't have recycling collection yet, where do we start?
  • 3. Successful programs have recycling champions.

    ​​​A common complaint at our housing sites was a sense of isolation. People believed they were the only ones "recycling properly". We used recycling as a cause for like-minded residents to rally around. The result was improved recycling and a stronger sense of community.

    Include residents when you start to develop your recycling program.

    Recycling team recruitment note
    Use this template to create a poster or handout.

    Recycling team sign-up sheet
    Use this template to collect contact information. It can also be used as a poster in common areas.

    Recycling survey notice
    Let residents know when your recycling team will be asking for their ideas.

    Recycling survey template
    This template will help you think about the kinds of questions you would like to ask residents.

    Swap meets
    Bring residents together to reduce dumping of unwanted items.

    Keep residents engaged

    • Make recycling updates a standing agenda item at tenant association/strata council meetings.
    • Use recycling and common areas to communicate progess and any new resource recovery initiatives.
    • Ensure new move-ins are made aware of your complex's reduce, resuse and recycle culture; "normalize" the desired behaviours.