Regional Parking Studies

The majority of new residential growth in Metro Vancouver is in the form of apartment buildings. Getting the right match between parking demand and supply benefits housing affordability, sustainable transportation choices and overall livability.

2018 Study

Metro Vancouver and TransLink collected data vehicle parking use and supply in 73 apartment sites and on nearby streets across the region in the Fall of 2017. The study provides updated information to municipalities and developers on apartment parking use and supply.

The 2018 study has three components:

  1. Parking Facility Survey: a survey of parking use at night (after 11PM)
  2. Street Parking Survey: parking use on nearby streets during the evening and late night
  3. Voluntary Household Survey: distributed to apartment building residents to find out more about parking preferences and challenges.

The key findings were presented to the Regional Planning Committee on March 8, 2019.

2012 Study

The 2012 Metro Vancouver Apartment Parking Study was the first regional review of apartment parking. The study found that parking supply exceeded parking demand in the range of 18% to 35% in the 80 study apartment sites. Opportunities were identified for municipalities and the development industry to better match parking supply and demand in new apartment developments close to frequent transit.

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