Housing Diversity and Affordability

Metro Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, and also one of the most expensive. Many households face a serious shortfall between housing costs and their ability to pay. Finding housing that is affordable is particularly difficult for renters with low incomes and in certain areas of the region. To that end, Metro 2050, the Regional Growth Strategy sees affordable housing as an essential component of complete communities.

Metro Vancouver's Commitment

Metro Vancouver is committed to preserving and enhancing the supply of affordable housing and increasing the diversity of housing choices in the region. This work includes:

  • Advocating to federal and provincial governments for affordable housing (including supportive and transitional housing)
  • Supporting municipalities to develop Housing Action Plans
  • Providing resources and data on affordable housing
  • Supporting the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation to increase the number of affordable housing units in the region

Housing Data Book 2022

 Housing Data Book

Housing Needs Reports

In an effort to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building among local governments in the region, Metro Vancouver has compiled the most recent housing needs reports prepared by its member jurisdictions. Learn more and view these reports.

Housing Needs Reports