Metro 2050 Comment Form

What's happening? Metro Vancouver is updating Metro 2040, the regional growth strategy.  The update will be called Metro 2050 and will build on the strengths of Metro 2040 while adapting it to reflect new trends and challenges on the horizon. We’re looking for input from residents and community groups. Please use this form to comment on what’s working and where the regional growth strategy could be improved.

How will this information be used? All comments will be considered in the update, and included in an engagement summary report to the Metro Vancouver Board. All information collected will remain anonymous.

Deadline: Comment Forms will be accepted until December 31, 2020.

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Part A: Tell us a bit about yourself:

1. If you are writing on behalf of an organization or group (e.g. society, Board, non-government organization), please indicate the name of your organization. If not, just write “resident”:

2. What is your (or your organization’s) interest in the regional growth strategy? (200 characters max)

Part B: Please provide input on any of the following policy areas that matter to you:

3. Shaping Growth into Urban Centres and Corridors – Transit Oriented Development

4. Coordinating Land Use and Transportation

5. Protecting Ecosystems and Enhancing Green Space within Communities

6. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change

7. Agricultural Lands and Agricultural Viability

8. Rural Land Use

9. Supporting a Sustainable Economy – Industrial and Employment Lands

10. Providing diverse and affordable housing choices

11. Complete Community Policies

Part C: Implementation

12. The framework for implementing the growth strategy is described on page 57 of Metro 2040. Do you have any comments on how this strategy is implemented? This includes the procedures to amend this bylaw. Do you have any comments on how the strategy is implemented?

Part D: Additional Comments

13. Please provide any additional comments on Metro 2040.

Part E: Tell us a bit more about yourself (Optional)

This information helps us to ensure we capture input from a diverse range of people from across the region. All information will remain anonymous.

14. City where I live

15. City where I work/go to school

16. Gender Identity

17. Age

18. Which best describes your primary employment?

If other, please specify

19. Main language spoken at home

20. Annual Household income

21. Anything else you'd like us to know

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