Regional Industrial Lands Strategy

The development of the Regional Industrial Lands Strategy was a collaborative process guided by the Industrial Lands Strategy Task Force between 2018 and 2020. The Task Force included representatives from some Metro Vancouver member jurisdictions, the Provincial government, TransLink, the Port of Vancouver, and the private sector.

The finalized Regional Industrial Lands Strategy was approved by the Metro Vancouver Board in July 2020.

Purpose of the Regional Industrial Lands Strategy

Industrial lands are crucial to supporting a prosperous, sustainable regional economy, and to providing space to accommodate the industrial services needed in our growing region.

The Regional Industrial Lands Strategy establishes a vision for the future of industrial lands across Metro Vancouver to the year 2050, and provides a set of recommendations to guide a broad range of stakeholder actions to achieve that vision.

As identified in the Regional Industrial Lands Strategy, the main challenges facing Metro Vancouver’s industrial lands are:

  1. A constrained land supply
  2. Pressures on industrial lands
  3. Site and adjacency issues
  4. A complex jurisdictional environment

In response to the challenges facing industrial lands, the Strategy includes 34 recommendations with ten priority actions, organized around four ‘Big Moves’:

  1. Protect remaining industrial lands
  2. Intensify and optimize industrial lands
  3. Bring the existing land supply to market & address site issues
  4. Ensure a coordinated approach