Regional Affordable Housing Strategy

The GVRD Board of Directors adopted the new Regional Affordable Housing Strategy on May 27, 2016. 

The high cost of housing is a major concern for regional residents and local governments in Metro Vancouver. Recognizing this, and after consultation with municipal members and private and non-profit stakeholders, the Regional Affordable Housing Strategy was adopted by the GVRD Board.  It will guide Metro Vancouver actions on housing affordability in the coming years. It also provides recommended actions for municipal members, and other key stakeholders like the provincial and federal governments, as improving regional housing affordability requires actions from many different actors.

The Strategy focuses on the rental housing supply, and has five goals:  

  1. Expand the supply and diversity of housing to meet a variety of needs
  2. Expand the rental supply and balance preservation of existing stock with redevelopment while supporting existing tenants
  3. Meet housing demand estimates for very low and low income earners
  4. Increase the rental housing supply along the Frequent Transit Network
  5. End homelessness in the region

Updating the strategy

The Regional Affordable Housing Strategy was created with input from member jurisdictions and housing stakeholders over the last two years. The process included preparation of a Discussion Paper (September 2014) and a Draft Strategy (August 2015), as well as stakeholder workshops to obtain feedback on these ideas. These documents are available here. 

For more information or questions about the Regional Affordable Housing Strategy, please contact Jessica Hayes, Senior Planner, Metro Vancouver Housing, Regional Planning and Housing Services, 604-436-6848.

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