Census Bulletins

​Metro Vancouver utilizes data and information from Statistics Canada to assist with planning for population growth, development and transportation services. The Census of Canada is conducted for the entire national population every five years, most recently in 2016. Additionally, the National Housing Survey was conducted for the first time in 2011 on a voluntary basis to complement the census, collecting added information such as social and economic data.

Statistics Canada uses the boundaries of the Vancouver CMA (census metropolitan area) to gather statistics for the Metro Vancouver region; the regional district boundaries and the CMA boundaries are the same.

2016 Census Bulletins

The Population Growth by Census Tracts, 2006-2011 map shows the 2011 Census results for population growth from 2006 to 2011. Each dot on the map represents the general location of 20 additional residents within Metro Vancouver. Also on the map are regional land use areas including Metro Vancouver’s Urban Containment Boundary; the Agricultural, Conservation and Rural areas outside the Urban Containment Boundary; and the designated Urban Centres within the region. These areas are established with Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy.