Agriculture Awareness Grants


Metro Vancouver supports agriculture awareness by providing funding grants to community organizations to educate the public about local food and agricultural production. Grants are open to non-profit organizations that meet the eligibility criteria. The 2021 Agriculture Awareness Grant applications are due by March 1, 2022.

The agriculture awareness grant applications are evaluated based on mandatory requirements and evaluation criteria listed below.

Mandatory requirements:

  1. Have a regional scope (impacting more than one municipality)
  2. Are located in Metro Vancouver
  3. Are administered by a non-profit organization in good standing
  4. Have matching funding (dollars or in-kind) from another organization

Evaluation criteria:

  1. The agriculture awareness activity is unique. A high score will be given to awareness activities that are one of a kind in the region and are currently not being done by another organization in Metro Vancouver.
  2. The geographic scope of the grants awarded reaches out to municipalities across the region. A high score will be awarded to projects that provide a broad reach in Metro Vancouver or are targeting areas that are not currently well served by agriculture awareness activities.
  3. The activity reaches out to culturally diverse audiences, urban residents, youth or K-12 school children. A high score will be awarded to when these audiences are targeted in the awareness activity.
  4. The activity contributes to the following desirable outcomes that support regional policy objectives, where a high score is awarded when the agriculture awareness activity aligns with two or more of the regional policy objectives.
    • Educates residents about local food production;
    • Enhances food literacy and skills in schools;
    • Communicates how food choices support the local economy;
    • Supports the next generation of food producers; and
    • Involves community gatherings that educate residents about local food.
  5. The grant request is in the range of $500 to $6,000. A higher score will be awarded if the Metro Vancouver cash contribution is greater than 20% of the total cash budget, so that new or smaller projects that may have a greater financial need are prioritized.
  6. The extent grant applicants previously completed the Agriculture Awareness grant required conditions listed on the application form. Groups that have not previously received a grant would automatically score high, while the previous grant recipients would be scored based on past compliance with the five conditions.

The Metro Vancouver Agricultural Advisory Committee evaluates all submissions and makes a grant award recommendation to the Regional Planning Committee and Metro Vancouver Regional District Board.


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Previous grant recipients and projects

Since 2008, Metro Vancouver is awarded 123 grants totally $530,000 to a range of non-profit organizations to help promote agriculture awareness throughout the region. In 2021, 11 grants were awarded ranging in value from $1,500 to $6,000. Examples of grants awarded from 2008 – 2017 are provided in the following brochure: