Agricultural Land Use

​The most comprehensive source of data on agricultural land in the Metro Vancouver region is now available on the Ministry of Agriculture Strengthening Farm Program website.

Agricultural Land Use Inventory (ALUI)

The Metro Vancouver Regional Report (Summer 2010 & 2011) Agriculture Land Use Inventory is a snapshot in time that describes land cover and land use in the Agricultural Land Reserve and other areas used or designated for agriculture in the region.

The Metro Vancouver Agricultural Land Use Inventory (ALUI) can:  

  • inform actions to support the Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Region goal to protect agricultural land and promote agricultural viability
  • act as a benchmark for monitoring land use change
  • provide an information base to assist land use decision-making in official community plans and bylaw updates
  • identify impacts of proposed policies and regulations
  • improve understanding of the challenges and opportunities to increase actively farmed land
  • recognize opportunities to improve land use and resource compatibility.



Agricultural Land Inventory - Sept 2012Agricultural Land Inventory - Sept 2012217536693

Agricultural Water Demand Model

An Agricultural Water Demand Model for Metro Vancouver was developed using the ALUI data. The water demand model can:

  • provide a scientific estimate of agricultural water demand for current and future scenarios
  • improve understanding of water demand patterns
  • enable examination of management alternatives that consider future land use changes
  • define potential impacts of climate change and identify appropriate adaptation strategies.