Weir Canada Inc.Weir Canada Inc.NewGVA1081<div class="ExternalClass3D97E32A32674C08A61891BE52EBEDDE">Weir Canada Inc. is seeking a permit for emissions from a new manufacturing facility located in Surrey, BC.  This state-of-the-art facility consolidates two facilities previously located in Richmond and Delta that utilize older manufacturing technologies.  This division of Weir Canada Inc. specializes in providing rubber and elastomer coatings to pipes, valves, specialized fabrications and pump components used primarily in mining and oil sands applications.  Emissions from the plant will include products of natural gas combustion from a Boiler, a Steam Generator, two Urethane Curing Ovens, and filtered exhaust from a Paint Room, two Adhesive Application Booths, a Grit Blast Room Dust Collector, and a Rubber Buffing Room. The new facility will utilize modern technologies including a high efficiency and low Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission boiler, improved dust capture capabilities and a state-of the-art-spray booth.  Weir Canada Inc. submitted an original application in August 2016 and in response to feedback from the public reviewed the initial modeling and took steps to significantly reduce the level of potential emissions.  Please see revised emission characteristics below. </div><div class="ExternalClass3D97E32A32674C08A61891BE52EBEDDE"> </div><div class="ExternalClass3D97E32A32674C08A61891BE52EBEDDE">Note that Weir Canada Inc. has applied to have the above Boiler and Steam Generator (included in the Original Application) to be authorized under the GVRD Boiler & Process Heaters Emission Regulation Bylaw No. 1087, 2008 and Amending Bylaw No. 1190, 2013.  The below revised emissions reflect this application. </div><div class="ExternalClass3D97E32A32674C08A61891BE52EBEDDE"> </div><div class="ExternalClass3D97E32A32674C08A61891BE52EBEDDE">For more information, please contact:  <a href=""></a></div>,,+Surrey,,+BC+V3Z+1A7/@49.0638285,,-122.696675,,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x5485c57bb7289d77:0xe96430ef3371eca6,,+Surrey,+BC+V3Z+1A7/@49.0638285,-122.696675,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x5485c57bb7289d77:0xe96430ef3371eca6<div class="ExternalClassB9EA308BD06D4D48B5C70862A801C7F8"><h3>Public Notification</h3><p>A person who may be adversely affected by the granting of a permit or approval, or by the granting of an amendment to a permit or approval may, within 30 days, notify the District Director in writing stating how that person is affected.  </p><p>When making a decision on the permit or approval application, the District Director will consider the application, comments submitted and any responses provided by the applicant.  If you wish to be notified of the District Director's decision, please provide either a valid email or postal address.  </p><h3>Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy</h3><p>For the project described on this webpage, the information collected by whatever means, such as web form, email or post, during this comment period and the time following until a decision on the permit application has been made is being collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Your personal information and comment will be forwarded to the permit applicant for response to the District Director.  By submitting a public comment, you consent to such disclosure.</p></div><div class="ExternalClass0BF726F78C9B467A9B3773A24FF62C4A"><p>​If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, contact Metro Vancouver, Environmental Regulation & Enforcement Division at 604-432-6200.</p></div> Canada Inc. - Comment on Permit<div class="ExternalClass68C7EA3DBE3F4186B6F574082C548932"><p>​Air Quality District Director<br> 4330 Kingsway<br> Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8</p></div>00 False





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