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Park Features at a glance
Group Camp Fish Hatchery 
Trail Information
Hiking / Walking 10 km  Horseback riding 0 km  Cycling 5 km 
Maps and Directions
Tynehead Regional Park is located alongside Hwy 1 between 160th and 176th Streets in Surrey. Two locations are recommended for first-time visitors and both can be reached by travelling south on 176 St and turning west on 96 Ave. 
For the Serpentine Fields Entrance and access to the Perimeter Trail and Leash-Optional Area, turn north onto 168 St.  For the Hatchery Entrance, which provides access to trails with views of the Serpentine River, continue 100 m past 168 St and turn right. 
Park Hours
In general, parks are open during daylight hours. For specific hours see PDF below.

Park Hours
Reservable Facilities:
 Raven’s Nest Group Campsite (up to 40 people)
Other Info
Habitat Alert!
Salmon live in the Serpentine River, in many life stages, for most of the year.  Some stages, such as eggs and spawners, are very sensitive to disturbances and must be left alone.  People and dogs should stay out of the water and away from the river banks.
Tynehead Hatchery raises coho, chum and chinook salmon that return to the Serpentine River to spawn. The hatchery is run by the Serpentine Enhancement Society, a non-profit volunteer group that welcomes new members (call 604-589-9127).

Tynehead Regional Park contains a dog leash-optional area that can be accessed from both the Serpentine Fields (along 168th Street) and the Tynehead Hatchery (along 96th Avenue) entrances.

Dog Information
Dogs are welcome but must be under control at all times. There are on-leash and leash-optional areas in the park. Dogs are not allowed in the Serpentine River. Please scoop up your dog's poop and dispose of it properly. 
Both the Serpentine Hills and Serpentine Fields entrances have wheelchair-accessible toilets, picnic tables and connections to the Tynehead Perimeter Trail.  The Hatchery Entrance has a wheelchair-accessible toilet and connections to the Birch Grove, Hatchery and Salmon Habitat trails.  There is currently a ridge that exceeds 13mm between the trail and concrete pad for the wheelchair-accessible toilet.
Trail Accessibility:
Birch Grove Trail is wheelchair accessible, flat and has a firm, gravel surface.
Hatchery Trail has a firm, gravel surface.  It is mostly flat but does contain one hill with a gentle slope (less than 5%) where the cross slope exceeds 3% (up to 11% for 7.8 m).  There are two ridges exceeding 13mm - one where the viewing platform meets the trail; and one at the south end of the bridge over the Serpentine River.
Salmon Habitat Loop Trail is flat and mostly gravel with two wooden boardwalks.  The surface is firm except for one 15 m section where the material is loose and not compacted.  There are two places where the cross slope exceeds 3% - one section for 14 m and the other for 50 m – both are on the west side of the loop.  Each boardwalk had one ridge that exceeds 13mm.
Tynehead Perimeter Trail is wheelchair-accessible with gentle to moderate slopes (less than 8%) and a paved surface.  In a few places near the junction of 96 and 168, the slope is between 8.3 – 9.9 % for 15 m.  Large concrete blocks currently create a barrier between the Serpentine Fields Entrance and the remainder of the loop.  The trail is incomplete and inaccessible between 168 St and the Hatchery Entrance.   
Park SafetyUsing the Park Safely:
Prepare for your visit to a regional park before you leave home. more...
Parks Field Trips

Contact Us
The calendar fills quickly so please plan to register two months in advance of your preferred date. Book on-line or call 604-432-6359 for more information.

Park Partners
The Pacific Parklands Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks.  For information or to make a donation, visit
With the variety of ways to get actively involved in Regional Parks, there’s bound to be something for you! Explore the opportunities in the Park Partnership Program.
For Information, Questions, or Comments
Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Central Area Office: 604-520-6442
Pacific Parklands Foundation
Pacific Parklands Foundation
Founded in 2000, Pacific Parklands Foundation (PPF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks. An arm’s length organization, PPF is valuable to Metro Vancouver as a fundraising body dedicated to regional parks projects, youth environmental leadership, volunteers and regional parks associations, and the commemorative and memorial gifts program.
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Upcoming Events
No events upcoming at this park
Events Calendar
Trail Advisories
Gerow Barn Stabilization

Work to protect this heritage building, located along the Tynehead Perimeter Trail near the corner of 176th Street and 96th Avenue, will begin early November and is expected to continue until January 2015.  To retain the original structure, newer parts of the barn will be removed. The foundation will be repaired and gaps in the walls closed with mesh to allow visitors to look inside after the project is completed.
Visitors are reminded to follow posted safety signs and stay outside the safety fence. None of the park’s entrances or trails, including the Tynehead Perimeter Trail, will be affected.
The Gerow Barn (c.1905) is on the City of Surrey’s heritage register and this stabilization project is partially funded by Heritage B.C. For more information, call 604-520-6442.