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Colony Farm 
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Park Features at a glance
Public Phone Transit 
Trail Information
Hiking / Walking 8.7 km  Horseback riding 0 km  Cycling 6.5 km 
Maps and Directions
From Highway 1, take Exit 44 and follow signs to Lougheed Highway (Hwy 7) east. Continue travelling east on Lougheed Highway to the traffic light at Colony Farm Road. Turn right and continue 1 km to the main parking lot. From the east along Lougheed Highway (Hwy 7) travel through Coquitlam past the lights at Pitt River Road and Riverview Hospital. Turn left at the traffic lights at Colony Farm Road; the parking lot is on your left about 1 km from Hwy 7.
Park Hours
In general, parks are open during daylight hours. For specific hours see PDF below.

Park Hours
Other Info
Colony Farm Tidal Flow Restoration and Habitat Enhancement Project
This project, planned for the Wilson Farm portion of the park, is designed to restore tidal flows, enhance ecosystem productivity, and create fish access from the Coquitlam River.  In addition to providing critical overwintering habitat in the Lower Fraser estuary for young Coho and Chinook salmon, the project also will diversify riparian and wetland habitat, improve drainage management and retain large areas of old field habitat.
Colony Farm Regional Park has Community Gardens. For information, contact Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Central Area Office at 604-520-6442.

With large, open areas of natural grasses and fields, Colony Farm Regional Park is an excellent location to spot birds such as hawks and herons.
Dog Information
Dogs must be on-leash throughout the park. Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog’s droppings. more...
The toilets can be accessed with a wheelchair, although there is some loose gravel in front of the portable, which may impede access for some users. Most of the pathways throughout the community garden are grass and may be difficult for some to use.
Trail Accessibility:
Home Farm Dyke Trail - most of the 1.8 km trail is 7mm crushed rock (firm). At the north end junction, where Home Farm meets up with Mundy Creek Trail, the surface is loose gravel.  The surface at the start of Home Farm Dyke Trail via the roadway, up to main dyke trails, is gravel. Generally the trail has gentle slopes (< 5%); some areas have potholes.
Wilson Farm Dyke Trail is a 0.9 km trail, with a semi-firm surface with some softer sections with loose gravel. There is a small threshold on the bridge to get to Wilson Farm Dyke Trail from Garden Trail. The junctions of Wilson Farm Dyke Trail at Millennium Bridge and Pumphouse Trail have gravel surfaces. Both eastern exits of the trail via Pumphouse Trail and Northeast Wilson Farm Dyke, up to Shaughnessey, have steep slopes up to 24.3%. The exit via PoCo Trail is flat, but with a gravel surface.
Garden Trail has some loose gravel, several steeper slopes up to 14% for 2.3 m, and the trail narrows to less than 810 mm in some sections due to encroaching grass. The trail ends at bridge with one step on both sides, and stairs on the east side of the bridge.
Mundy Creek Trail has a semi-firm surface with loose gravel is some areas. Some slopes are greater than 10% and the trail narrows to less than 810 mm in some areas. There are steep slopes (up to 19%) for 5 m on the east and west ends of the trail.
Colony Farm Road Trail has some steep slopes (18%) for up to 5 m. The trail is flat until it reaches the north end at Mundy Creek Parking lot. The trail is surfaced with coarse gravel and is soft/loose in some areas. The path also narrows to less than 810 mm in some areas and may become muddy when wet.
Park SafetyUsing the Park Safely:
Prepare for your visit to a regional park before you leave home. more...
Parks Field Trips

Contact Us
The calendar fills quickly so please plan to register two months in advance of your preferred date. Book on-line or call 604-432-6359 for more information.

Park Partners
The Pacific Parklands Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks.  For information or to make a donation, visit
Colony Farm Park Association
Do you love this park and have ideas for projects or events? Join other volunteers who share your interests and enthusiasm and wish to contribute to the park. For information or to get involved, contact the Community Development Coordinator at 604-520-6442 or go to the Park Partnership Program website (external).
For Information, Questions, or Comments
Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Central Area Office: 604-520-6442
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Trail Advisories
Day Use Area Upgrade UNDERWAY

Construction will begin on September 05, 2013 and is expected to last until the end of the year.  Access to some trails and a portion of the parking lot will be affected by construction equipment. Visitors are reminded to follow posted detour and safety signs.
Phase 1 includes a new washroom building, improved trail connections and additional picnic tables.  For more information, call 604-520-6442.
Upcoming Events
Saturday, May 10
International Migratory Bird Day
Saturday, June 21
Colony Farm Bird Banding Family Day