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Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve: Geomorphology

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Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) 

The 5,668-hectare LSCR contains spectacular and diverse landscapes. Its alpine meadows, forested slopes and river flood plains are within minutes of downtown Vancouver and are easily accessible from many areas in the Lower Mainland.


A rockslide occurred December 7th, 2014 in the Seymour River. Metro Vancouver continues to assess impacts of the slide with consulting professionals, recreational groups, local residents, search and rescue, and fisheries resource managers.

Seymour River Rockslide - Information Update
Seymour Valley Trailway
The Seymour Valley Trailway is a 10 km paved path that winds through a diverse forest and crosses scenic creeks and streams. The Trailway features five picnic sites that include outhouses, benches, picnic tables and garbage cans. The Trailway was built to replace the popular mainline service road, which is no longer open to the public due to construction on several drinking water projects.

 Mountain Biking
From extreme style "North Shore" mountain biking to scenic road riding, there is a wide range of terrain. Cycling is permitted throughout the forest with the exception of: the Rice Lake Loop Trail, Homestead Trail, and the Old Growth Trail. Bikes must be walked along these sensitive ecosystems routes due to limited visibility and steep slopes. 

The LSCR Mountain Bike Trail Building Guide can be found in the Resource section.
 Inline Skating
Get rolling on 10 km of smooth pavement on the Seymour Vallley Trailway winding through a beautiful forest with picnic areas along the way. Because of the hilly terrain, the Trailway is not the place for absolute beginners.
Take a quick stroll though the forest or a full day trip up the river. The LSCR has over 25 km of hiking trails with something to suit everyone's ability.

Trail maps are available in the Resource section
Come drop a line in Rice Lake, which is stocked with more than 5,000 Rainbow trout each year. The more adventurous can try their luck in the Seymour River reputed to be one of the Lower Mainland's best steelhead fishing rivers.

All provincial fresh water fishing regulations apply in these areas. Boats and personal floatation devices or boats are not allowed in the lake.
The Seymour River has been used by kayakers and canoeists since its opening in 1986. The river has beginner to advanced sections and accordingly Class 1 to 5 waters. Vehicle access to launch sites is restricted and users must pass through a security gate. The security personnel will require the group leader to fill out a brief form which provides details of the visit and contact information. The group leader must be a member of a a recognized paddling organization that has an up-to-date annual permit with the LSCR in order for access to be granted. Please check with your group or association to see if it is a permitted group.

Since 2004, the Seymour River has had several instream fisheries projects completed from Spur 4 to the Seymour River Fish Hatchery. These projects involved the construction of log jams and the placement of boulder clusters. Kayakers and Canoeists must be aware of there locations prior to venturing down the river. Please review the attached safety package and feel free to contact Heidi Walsh or at 604-990-0483 if you have any questions or concerns.

A river level gauge was installed at Twin Bridges just above the canyon. The gauge was a cooperative effort of a number of agencies (Metro Vancouver, Environment Canada, Seymour Salmonid Society and the Recreation Canoeing Association of BC) The gauge is maintained by Environment Canada’s Water Surveys branch and is intended to provide real-time flows for this point in the river. Due to the location of the water survey station and the gauge, the data output is sporadic. We ask that you be patient as we work out bugs in this system. Please visit Environment Canada’s website to access and inquire about gauge data.

A kayaking and canoeing guide can be found in the resource section.
 Wheelchair Access
The LSCR is wheelchair friendly, offering 10 km of smooth pavement on the Seymour Valley Trailway; a low gradient compacted gravel trail around Rice Lake as well as the Douglas Mowat Special Fisheries Project. There is also a wheelchair accessible drinking fountain, wheelchair friendly outhouses, specially designated parking spaces in the main lot, and access ramps to all public buildings.
Dogs are permitted on designated trails but not north of Rice Lake Gate. Off-limit areas include the Seymour Valley Trailway, the Fisherman's Trail (north of the Homestead Trail junction) and the Rice Lake Loop Trail. Dogs must be on a leash at all times except on designated off-leash trails. Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog's droppings.

- Outhouses
- Picnic sites that include benches, picnic tables and garbage cans
 Hours and Directions
The LSCR is open 365 days a year, from dawn to dusk. Area closures will only occur for public safety under the following conditions:
- if dangerous wildlife (bears or cougars) persist in an area
- if weather conditions warrant (high wind or heavy rain)
- when the fire hazard has reached an Extreme rating,. (Fire hazard is assessed daily April 1st to October 31st and a rating display board is located near the parking lot entrance. Check the board and observe any restrictions when entering the LSCR).
7 am - 5 pm
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