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Tynehead Regional ParkTynehead Regional Park291206792



Tynehead - Park Ranger helping visitor - Park Ranger helping visitor
Tynehead - Sign to interpret park - Sign to interpret park
Tynehead 3 3
Tynehead Hatchery area 6 Hatchery area 6
Tynehead Native Douglas squirrel 10 Native Douglas squirrel 10
Tynehead Perimeter Trail 1 hiking and cycling path Perimeter Trail 1 hiking and cycling path
Tynehead Raven's Nest Group Camp 11 Raven's Nest Group Camp 11
Tynehead Salmonids 4 Salmonids 4
Tynehead Wayfinding 8 Wayfinding 8
Tynehead bridge over Serpentine River 2 bridge over Serpentine River 2
Tynehead trails trails
Tynehead trails 5 trails 5
Tynehead trails 9 trails 9
Tynehead trails and picnic areas 7 trails and picnic areas 7
Tynehead universal access picnic tables universal access picnic tables





Tynehead Regional ParkTynehead Regional Park-122.7601223249.1770758502,,+-122.76012232000&sll=49.177009,,-122.760122&sspn=0.010577,,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16,,+-122.76012232000&sll=49.177009,-122.760122&sspn=0.010577,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16, Tynehead, Brochure







162A St Access Trail Temporarily Closed<div class="ExternalClass4D0B54D0DAA84702BAFA40AA0AC3FB0A"><p>Trail construction and sewer connection work is underway along the park’s perimeter. During construction, 162A St Access Trail will be closed. Visitors should note that there will be no access to the park from either 161A Street or 162A Street. Please follow posted safety signs and plan alternate routes. For more information, call 604-530-4983.</p></div>True





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