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Acadia Beach sunrise Beach sunriseEven on a cold winter's day, there is beauty to be found on the shores of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.
Acadia Creek in winter Creek in winterIn summer, it can be a tiny trickle, but with the rains of winter, Acadia Creek is a beautiful waterway.
Admiralty Trail TrailIn summer, the leaves of bigleaf maples and red alders allow dappled sunlight to fall on Admiralty Trail as it winds its way along the clifftops above Spanish Bank beaches.
Forest light at Pacific Spirit Regional Park light at Pacific Spirit Regional ParkSunlight sneaks in to the forest understorey at Pacific Spirit Regional Park.
Forest sentinel at Pacific Spirit Regional Park sentinel at Pacific Spirit Regional ParkThese massive stumps are reminders of the big trees that once grew here. Today, they seem like sentinels, guarding the forest and the creatures that live here.
Rainforest flora floraVine maple, western red cedar and spiny wood fern are just some of the native species found in the temperate rainforest in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.
Salish Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional ParkTall trees tower over hikers on Salish Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.
Sword Fern Trail at Pacific Spirit Regional Park Fern Trail at Pacific Spirit Regional ParkA walk along Pacific Spirit's forested trails can make the city and all its worries seem very far away.
Tower Beach on a windy fall day Beach on a windy fall dayOn a windy fall day, Tower Beach can feel like it's on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Trees and shadow leaves and shadow leavesA walk among the forest in Pacific Spirit Regional Park always produces unexpected surprises.



-123.22186361549.25856435361395085892001 Vancouver Regional Parks West Area Office: 604-224-5739<div class="ExternalClass3B816EFF3C9A46A49144D432EF0F8B7A"><p>​<a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/plains-of-abraham">Plains of Abraham</a> (capacity 200)</p></div><div class="ExternalClassBC0F0B3A6D0B4A91A4BA67DC2EE66557"> <div class="ExternalClass2E82D44B084448F18A6E65045044E9BB">The washrooms and parking at the Park Centre on 16th Ave. are wheelchair-accessible. Other accessible facilities include the pit toilet at the Clinton Meadow picnic area (at 33rd and Camosun). Camosun Bog boardwalk trails are also accessible, however there is no designated accessible parking at 21st Ave. and Crown St.</div> <div class="ExternalClass2E82D44B084448F18A6E65045044E9BB"> </div> <div class="ExternalClass2E82D44B084448F18A6E65045044E9BB"><strong>Trails <br>Heron Trail</strong> is 1.2 km long, 1.5 m wide at minimum with minimal slopes. The trail surface is semi-firm (packed gravel).</div> <div class="ExternalClass2E82D44B084448F18A6E65045044E9BB"><br><strong>Imperial Trail </strong>is 1.8 km long, minimum 3 m wide, with up to a 20% grade change. The trail surface is semi-firm (packed gravel).</div> <div class="ExternalClass2E82D44B084448F18A6E65045044E9BB"><br><strong>Cleveland Trail</strong> is 1.2 km long, minimum 1 m wide, semi-firm gravel surface with minimal slopes north of W. 16th Street. There is up to a 25% slope south of 16th Street. </div> <div class="ExternalClass2E82D44B084448F18A6E65045044E9BB"><br>Other trails are accessible to users using specialized wheelchairs/equipment.</div> </div><div class="ExternalClass228A75895C754BE7AAACD70C6BEDCCD8"> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Dogs must be under control at all times. There are leash-required and leash-optional trails in this regional park. Check signs for details. Please scoop your dog’s poop and dispose of it properly. <br><br>Pacific Spirit Regional Park sees an average of 360,000 dog visits per year. Help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all park visitors and protect sensitive park habitat and wildlife by working with your dog(s) on the following. </div> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB"> </div> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Canine Code of Conduct: </div> <ul> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Stay on marked trails </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Leash up 10 metres from stream crossings </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Respect leash-required and no-dog trail designations </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Keep dogs under control: maximum 10 metres from owner, come when called, don't bother others </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Leash up when horses approach </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Leash up the first 50 metres from park entrances and remember to pick up your dog's poop </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">Maximum 3 dogs per handler -- one leash and collar per dog </div></li> <li> <div class="ExternalClass28F101EA6AEA4E03B36A3BFD4F45EFBB">More than 3 dogs? Apply for a permit at the Area Office.</div></li></ul></div><div class="ExternalClassC1CE9A2B1B164E5B916BEDACC5A623E5"> <div>Two electric vehicle charging stations are available in the parking lot on 16th Avenue (about 400 m west of Blanca Street). Charging is free. There is a two-hour time limit.</div></div><div class="ExternalClass48A3B0AE71A34BCA8C28A6D6D84C8472"> <p>Pacific Spirit Regional Park contains a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities including ocean beaches, upland temperate rain forest and the Fraser River estuary.</p> <p>The <a title="External website will open in a new window" href="" target="_blank">BC Mobility Opportunities Society</a> provides trail access for people with disabilities. <br>For information, call 604-688-6464.</p></div><div class="ExternalClass9270816F4ACC43CF9D7FCABE92534D3B"> <div class="ExternalClass7FE1AD28B56240BBB08B9AAFE6C7526C"><strong>Pacific Spirit Park Society </strong>is actively involved in this regional park. For more information or to get involved their <a href="" target="_blank">website</a> or contact the <a href="">Community Development Coordinator</a> at 604-224-5739.</div><div class="ExternalClass7FE1AD28B56240BBB08B9AAFE6C7526C"> </div><div class="ExternalClass7FE1AD28B56240BBB08B9AAFE6C7526C"><strong>The Pacific Parklands Foundation</strong> is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks.  For information or to make a donation, visit <a href=""></a></div></div><div class="ExternalClass2AE9C802EE004E778D13702107F62F0C"> <div> <div class="ExternalClass7BFFAD8ABA8D43EAA43EC54424933434"> <div>Prepare for your visit to a regional park before you leave home.<strong> </strong><a href="/services/parks/learn/bylaws-and-policies/public-safety/Pages/default.aspx">more...</a></div></div></div></div><div class="ExternalClass4BB8614E699F476DA7BAAAB83C937530"><div class="ExternalClass8D272EF6EEF64972AD6AFAB1075F5F67"><p><a href="/events/school-programs/K-12-field-trips/regional-parks-field-trips/Pages/default.aspx">School Field Trips Information </a><br><a href="/services/parks/discover/programs/groups/Pages/default.aspx">Workshops & Community Group Field Trips Information</a></p></div></div><div class="ExternalClass07610EA5D861487787B72E336BF40FB3"> <div> <div class="ExternalClass8D272EF6EEF64972AD6AFAB1075F5F67"> <p><strong>Contact Us</strong> <br>The calendar fills quickly so please plan to register two months in advance of your preferred date. <a href="/events/school-programs/K-12-field-trips/regional-parks-field-trips/Pages/default.aspx"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Book on-line</span></a> or call 604-432-6359 for more information. </p><a href="/region/Education/Pages/CommunityGroups.aspx"></a></div></div></div><div class="ExternalClass30DDBE21B24047ED8988A21D91CE6FE5"><p>The forests, creeks, beaches, cliffs and bog of this regional park provide habitat to a wide variety of plants and animals in the heart of Canada’s third largest urban area. The park’s trails are also a great place for Metro Vancouver residents to get out and connect with that amazing nature.​</p></div><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834">​<strong>Nov 8 - Jan 23</strong><br>Opening: 7 am<br>Closing: 5 pm<div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"> </div><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"><span aria-hidden="true"></span><strong>Jan 24 - Mar 9</strong><br>Opening: 7 am<br>Closing: 6 pm<span aria-hidden="true"></span><span aria-hidden="true"></span></div></div><span aria-hidden="true"></span></div></div></div></div><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"> </div><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834">*Wreck Beach closing is at sunset</div>



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West Canyon Trail closed<div class="ExternalClass9E47D4C6409F434CADAA842068B115EF"><div>West Canyon Trail is currently closed as a large tree has fallen across the trail. As well, the large root system has torn away, undercutting the trail. <br>Crews are working on rerouting the trail. Please use East Canyon Trail while work is underway.</div></div>True



Conifer WalkConifer Walk<div class="ExternalClass0833A78DD20C42ABAB9D21121CB363AE"><p>​Get to know the common conifers in the temperate rainforest of Pacific Spirit Regional Park.<br>$8 per adult, $4.25 per youth/adult 65+<br>Registration required: barcode 6691</p></div>GP0|#944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5;L0|#0944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5|Vancouver;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d35002017-01-21T18:00:00Z
Family Day CampfireFamily Day Campfire<div class="ExternalClassC1F9487C07FC4C02BB1F3A39AE6F1728"><p>​Drop by for a cozy campfire and learn about plants and animals through story and song.</p><p><span style="font-size:9pt;"><em>Meet at 16th Avenue parking area, 400 m west of Blanca St.<br>Free. Drop by anytime.</em></span></p></div>GP0|#944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5;L0|#0944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5|Vancouver;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d35032017-02-13T20:30:00Z



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