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Minnekhada photo1 photo1Both Upper and Lower Marsh are key features of Minnekhada Regional Park
Minnekhada photo2 photo2A network of loop trails take visitors from Minnekhada Lodge and around the marsh
Minnekhada photo3 photo3The roots of giant trees are wrapped around rock along the trail at Minnekhada Regional Park





Minnekhada Regional ParkMinnekhada Regional Park-122.70027301949.2930617154,,+-122.70027301900&sll=49.12227,,-122.300807&sspn=0.010588,,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16,,+-122.70027301900&sll=49.12227,-122.300807&sspn=0.010588,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16<div class="ExternalClassEF18BC5F347944A08918BF49B54453F3">QUARRY ROAD ENTRANCE</div><div class="ExternalClassEF18BC5F347944A08918BF49B54453F3">From Lougheed Hwy in Port Coquitlam, turn north onto Coast Meridian and travel 3 km to Victoria Dr. Follow Victoria Dr for 1.3 km to the crest of the hill and make a deliberate left turn to stay on Victoria Dr. After 2 km, Victoria Dr turns into Quarry Rd. Follow Quarry Rd for 700m and turn right at the park entrance.</div> <div class="ExternalClassEF18BC5F347944A08918BF49B54453F3"> </div><div class="ExternalClassEF18BC5F347944A08918BF49B54453F3">MINNEKHADA LODGE</div> <div class="ExternalClassEF18BC5F347944A08918BF49B54453F3">From Lougheed Hwy in Port Coquitlam, turn north onto Coast Meridian. Turn right on Prairie Ave and left on Cedar Dr and travel until it meets Victoria Dr. Turn right to stay on Cedar Dr which turns into Oliver Rd. Follow it past the park gate and take the second driveway on the left. Lodge parking and access may be limited during private events.</div> <div class="ExternalClassEF18BC5F347944A08918BF49B54453F3"> </div>, Minnekhada





MinnekhadaMinnekhada<div class="ExternalClassBB11B06977704664AC7B1A9A17654BAE"><div><div><p class="ExternalClass55C58AC8579C4FE289F981CE0A19A8A5"> </p><p>Continued dry weather has resulted in conditions that are tinder dry & extremely sensitive to sparks & fire.<br><br>Please comply with posted signs & fire danger guidelines:                                                                   </p><ul><li>Campfires & use of briquettes are prohibited everywhere.</li><li>Propane or gas-powered barbecues/cooking stoves are only allowed in day use areas with picnic tables. You must stay with the barbecue or stove at all times while using it. </li><li>No smoking</li><li>Stay on trails</li><li>Be aware of all spark sources.</li><li>Report all wildfires to 911 & regional parks staff. </li></ul>For more info, call 604-432-6350.<p> </p></div></div></div>2018-08-17T07:00:00ZEXTREME



Trail work on Lodge Trail & Fern Trail to start AUG 07<div class="ExternalClassBD56B05B987F483AAE03E6448321D89F"><p>Maintenance work on these two trails will take about a month. The trails will remain open but visitors should expect to encounter construction crews and equipment. Please follow posted safety signs.</p></div>True
Oliver Road Closed to Vehicles<div class="ExternalClass1918CBA16AEE450CBD4627FBED832C48"><p>Oliver Road in Minnekhada Regional Park is now closed to vehicles to keep bears and people safe. This closure is expected to last about three months and is based on bear activity in the immediate area, developing blueberry crops, a reviews of previous road closures, and the high potential for negative human-bear interactions. The park remains open and accessible via the Quarry Road entrance. </p><p>Visitors are reminded that bears are wild, unpredictable and can run faster than humans over any type of ground. <br>• If you see a bear, stay back 100 metres. Never approach a bear; change your route or plans to avoid them.<br>• If you encounter a bear, stay calm and slowly back away. <br>• If you encounter a bear along Oliver Road, be prepared to retrace your route if on foot or bicycle. </p><p>Bears that become comfortable near people can be more dangerous to humans or may be destroyed. Negative bear-human interactions may result in closures other areas within the park.</p></div>True



Creative CaféCreative Café<div class="ExternalClass46893C961212417BB640FC37CABB3320"><p>Learn about the history and natural wonders of the park and enjoy the work of local artists.</p><p><br></p></div>GP0|#6aa7e3db-a1ac-40ab-82b9-a4e2ede17021;L0|#06aa7e3db-a1ac-40ab-82b9-a4e2ede17021|Coquitlam;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d310382018-09-02T20:00:00Z



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